How to Follow ChantillySongs

How to Follow ChantillySongs


This is old news to everyone by now, but as most of you know, Google Reader is donezo. Or it will be. Officially, the service is over in July. But I noticed that I can't access my feed through my Gmail dashboard anymore. Looks like Google wants to ditch this thing, asap... the world keeps spinning, and the Internet must move on.

So in case you're still connecting with me through via your reader, I just wanted to highlight a few other options, so that you can to continue to get my updates.

Follow me on Bloglovin'

Bloglovin' is the platform that I've noticed a lot of people flocking to. In fact, when they announced the demise of GR, I was immediately flooded with a hundred new follows within the day! There was a mass exodus, and I feel like most of these readers were migrating their entire Google feeds over... which you can do too!

In my opinion, their reader is much cuter looking, and I like that they have a feature that helps you to discover similar blogs with a mouse click!

Follow me on Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect has been the default way for those who have "Blogger" blogs to follow each other, and automatically connects your follows with the doomed Google Reader. Now that the reader is going away, you need to have a Blogger account in order to utilize this method.

There are rumors that GFC may also get the axe, considering that they did away with the service last year for all non-Blogger blogs. But for now, it stays, and is still a legitimate way to keep up with the Blog-land Joneses. (I just said the word "blog" way too many times in one paragraph. The post is almost over, I swear...)

Follow me via Feedly

I've seen Feedly touted in several places as the greatest new way to follow blogs. I imported my entire GR feed into Feedly the other day, and I also notice all Feedburner links are redirecting here as well. The interface is pleasing, and I love how simple it is to follow/ unfollow.

The only thing I'm not in love with is, when I was checking the feed for my blog, the picture width differed when the orientation of the picture changed. This sucks because it's a pet peeve of mine when blogs can't get it together with making sure their pictures are all the same width, and I make sure that mine are. All my images are set to 640 pixels... eh, whatevs.

Follow me on Twitter

I try to update my Twitter at least once per day... sometimes I get obsessed and tweet 10x per day. I don't tend to link every single blog post there though, because I hate when I have phases of not keeping up with it, and then my Twitter feed is full of nothing but links. Still... it's a platform I'm pretty active on, if you'd like to join me there :)

Follow me on other social media platforms

Pinterest, Youtube, Chictopia. Or subscribe to my mailing list.

Alright... we've got all our bases covered. I think we're good to survive the Google-pocalypse!


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Follow on Bloglovin


  1. I'm all over it.
    But please help - What does it mean that google reader is done? Will I be able to see the new posts from my favorite bloggers (like you) on my blogger home page?

    The Nautical Owl

    1. I'm pretty sure you'll still be able to see the blogs you follow through GFC on your Blogger home page... the Google Reader is something separate. It's like an RSS feed, and is connected to GFC to show you those blogs. But you can also add people you aren't following through GFC.

      I've taken a look at these other options though (Feedly and Bloglovin) and both are (imo) at the very lease, aesthetically superior to Google Reader.

      So if you only follow other Blogger-based blogs, sticking with your dashboard could be good. But if you follow blogs that don't utilize GFC, a switch to one of these readers could be beneficial.

      Sorry if that was confusing :)

  2. I was so confused at first, and now I LOVE Bloglovin!!!!

    xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

  3. Made sure to check and see if I was following you via bloglovin' and I am! Yay!
    ♥Emma Deer

  4. I'm glad to know that google reader is not the same as GFC, haha; I had the feeling it was. Anyway, I hope GFC doesn't get canceled; it's the only one I use, I can't get used to Blog Lovin :/.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ;D

  5. already following you. bloglovin is so great to catch up with my favourite bloggers :)

  6. I think they are trying to move the blogger world to be more connected to Google plus. I'm excited to see what the have in store for us.


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