Chantilly & Indie Gift Box

Chantilly & Indie Gift Box

Hey guys!

I've got an announcement to make this week. I'm an April contributor at Indie Gift Box. This is a company that presents a curated collection of monthly goodies from independent artists and small businesses.

A few months ago, I was approached by Erin, who asked me if I'd like to be included. So I packed up 100 or so cd's, and shipped them off! If you've been thinking about purchasing the Up to the Moon EP, you could get a gift box, and not only get my cd, but some other cute and amazing swag from other indie businesses!

Also, sadly, this company won't be making the boxes anymore after May. So it's a nice time to order one while you can :)



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  1. Thanks for the post! =D

  2. I think these boxes are so cool. There are only beauty boxes available in South Africa at the moment. Not that I'd have money to spend on them, but I can always hope to get one as a present :)

  3. What a good idea! SUCH a bummer they're going to stop making them!

  4. this is really cute! congrats on being involved :)

    -emma from


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