Vegetable landscape

Vegetable landscape

Hey all! Checking in again with some pictures of this cool workshop I was a part of recently...

Vegetable landscape 2Vegetable landscape Vegetable landscape

My friend Lynnette ran it in the art barn. She had the kids make a 2D/3D landscape with both vegetables and a painting that they painted themselves. The effect was supposed to be similar to these. In the end, I think they did a really cute job!

My favorite part was the little broccoli sharing an ice cream. Whoever came up with that idea was a genius. I mean come on... so cute!!

Vegetable landscape Vegetable landscape

The summer has been slowly moving along, and I can't believe it's almost over! Soon, I'll be back home in Brooklyn again, teaching lessons and making music. I do miss home, but I've been having so much fun here this year. So many experiences and feelings happen in a day. I think it will be really hard to leave this time :/

Anyway, hope everyone has been staying cool and having great summer adventures! Tell me about them :) xoxo


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