What I Currently Need...

What I Currently Need...

Target hat

Just a personal list for my own future reference...

- A good leather moto jacket
- A nice, cozy flannel
- Some hot chocolate
- Some hope and luck for the future. For all my projects spinning up in the air as we speak...
- A good liquid eyeliner that can withstand my messy, oily eyelids
- A new book that will fill me with inspiration, and coach me through my worrisome spells
- A gym membership. Want to get on that train again
- Round sunglasses
- A pair of high-waisted black pants

What do you need in your life right now? xx


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  1. love the photo, and that's a really great wish-list! :)
    i'm with you - feel more or less the same.. my wish-list would definitely sound something similar to that. I would also add an apple pie next to hot chocolate. geez. haven't had any for ages. :)

  2. Excellent wish list .. I'd like most of those things as well .. esp the leather jacket ;-)

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. I love that hat! I need one! hehe and of course hot chocolate too :)

  4. I love this post and the wishlist! should do one of My own
    but I'm right there with You for the gym thing :( I just don't seem to have a gym partner for motivation!
    Loads of love, SJay!

  5. Anonymous10/19/2013

    Chantilly, have you ever tried gel liner? MAC and Sephora both make fantastic gel liners, and they are waterproof. I use it every day for my cat-eye with a nice angled brush. I also use this on brides at the salon, because it is easier to apply and doesn't smudge. I HAVE to make shopping lists, or I get overwhelmed and forget what I'm looking for. What a great idea to put it on your blog.

  6. Um... that hat for starters! I would also like some hope and luck for the future and some direction on personal/career projects :)

  7. This list. Agreed so much!

    Though, like Lisa, getting your hat wouldn't be a bad start to things :P

  8. Anonymous10/20/2013

    When you find that liquid eyeliner let me know because I have the same issue with my eyelids although I find it's not so bad if you put some foundation over them first, crazy I know!

  9. I really want some flannel. Can you believe I don't have any?!


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