This week...

This week...


Sheesh, where did the week go? I had some cool posts planned, and just couldn't get around to putting them up! Here's a taste of what I've been up to:

~ Taught classes and students.
~ Played a show.
~ Felt pretty good about said show, and had a trip down memory lane when I visited a familiar venue across the street.
~ Saw old friends.
~ Had the monthly Noise Collective party.
~ Watched American Horror Story... I love this season so much.
~ Listened to new arrangements for the EP & made notes, etc.
~ Thinking and planning a lot, a lot, a LOT about its release.
~ Sent out an email blast (it's been forever.)
~ Made BBQ ribs in the crock pot! (First time!)
~ Found a cool Mexican blanket & perfect pair of loafers from my favorite vintage store. Less than $20 (this was today!!)

Off topic maybe, but sometimes I wish I were a better self-manager.

Because even though this list sounds fun and highlights all the good, I still get stressed out handling lots of little tasks. Especially if I can't find a moment to get away to take care of things. And by get away, I mean literally leave my house and go somewhere else to feel productive/ get inspiration. My head swims in all possible activities, with no release for them. Too many plans and too many dreams stuck in limbo... Creatively limp. And that is noooo fun.

Either way, I don't mean to sound negative. Been trying to keep the positivity flowing recently. Things are good. I have lots to be grateful for :) Just wanted to let you where my mind's at.



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  1. if you like podcasts then you should checkout "beyond the to-do list" for productivity tips! it's interview based so it's really neat to hear how different "successful" people make the most of their time (hint: they're normal people like us that struggle but share some awesome tips!)

    side note: i don't think it's negative to talk about personal development! i think we can acknowledge that life is good and we like who we are as people but also realize that there is still room to become a better version of ourselves.

    oh, and if you feel like your dreams are in a little slump then you should listen to the lifeplan episode of Micheal Hyatt's podcast to kick start your motivation! (i'm obviously a bit of a podcast junkie haha!) here's the link:


  2. Yes! I agree on the self-management. I got married in Septemeber while dealing with being really sick and trying to find, very last minute, and new pre-school for my child. The stress was nothing to a week later when all the little things I needed to do popped up.

    When I'm in those never ending creative limbo I try to remember that it isn't forever. I give myself time and than make a list. Baby steps list to tackle those big things that I just don't have time to do.

  3. Wow, thanks for the links Jenna! I'm definitely checking those babies out ;) Chantilly, I'm so the same. I have the best laid plans, but somehow I get overwhelmed quite easily by the small things and bogged down on all of the (many) big things I'd like to do. I really need to learn to focus on one thing at a time, because I know doing many things half-assed is never going to end well!

  4. I've never seen American Horror Story! Everyone's talking about how good this season is, so maybe we should watch sometime. :D I'm mainly excited for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, eeee.

    Also, I'm a starter - but not a finisher, and I say "yes" to too much. I also have a hard time with lots of to-do's, and little stuff. I completely understand the feeling. I am so glad you're focusing on positives! Always a good thing. :)

  5. I feel the same way I just don't seem to be coming around to My blog as much! I just have so much on My mind and so much jumbled to be done with no pre set plans. I would love to be a better at time management!

    Anyways, don't stress it :D some weeks We just can't be productive, and that's ok We don't need to always be straining Ourselves to get stuff done. It's nice to relax and lay back!

    Loads of love, SJay!

  6. Yay, I'm happy to know the show went well! :D Is there a video, maybe? ;)


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