A Little Artsy

A Little Artsy

uniqlo denim leggings

Okay, so I feel like I went a little cray here. It's a color and pattern-splosion, complete with "interesting" accessory choices! Haha. I like to remind myself sometimes that I'm really just silly dreamer/ artist... not necessarily a fashionista :P

uniqlo jeans leggings uniqlo denim leggings

Anyway, I had recently ordered this cardigan, when Rachel made a post about how it had all but gone "viral" in the style world. Haha, it's true! I've seen this cardi on a few ladies, and I guess now you can add me to the pack of proud wearers.

Much as I love the thing, to be quite honest, it did take a lot longer to ship than normal. I'm not sure what the delay was, as I've done a lot of ordering overseas in the past year, but nothing has ever taken that long before. I'm glad I finally got it though!

Also of note, the cardigan is a bit thinner than I thought. I guess I've just had big, beautiful, thick sweaters on the brain lately. The weight of this cardi is probably more suitable for fall weather.. but no bother. Layering is my friend, and if you can believe it, that green shirt is actually ANOTHER sweater!

The green sweater is another stunning find from the Tulle sale ($11!) They're solid color, and you can't see here, but it also has a a peter pan collar. Such a cute twist! Again, it's pretty thin, but that made it perfect to layer under the geo-print cardigan from Choies.

uniqlo denim leggings uniqlo denim leggings Pants- Uniqlo/ Cardigan- Choies/ Sweater- Tulle/ Necklace- Forever 21 (similar)/ Shoes- thrifted


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  1. love how you layered with a peter pan collar underneath! it's nice to wear bright colors in the winter since everyone always seems to be walking around in black.


  2. love that sweater! and the brick wall is so cool! you look great!

  3. Hey,
    sweet pictures and a great look. The cardigan is lovely! :)


  4. this outfit is fun, sometimes you have to go a little cray (lol) and wear what makes you happy :) the best part of this outfit is the unexpected yellow shoes!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  5. Cute cardigan and I like the colors you used with your top and shoes. :-)


  6. LOVE the cardigan!


  7. Love your hair! And what a great shade of green that sweater is - so cheerful!

    <3 Megan

  8. I love the colors! Gorgeous. <3

  9. I love the outfit. All of it. If it is cray cray to you, you can do cray-cray.:)

  10. Ha! I love the color explosion here! Nothing wrong with going a little cray cray in that department :-). I really want to start wearing more cute & cozy casual looks like this - seriously perfect!

  11. I never stop falling in love again with those shoes!!! I die for that sunshine! hahah!
    And the cardi is so trendy and cute! I'm loving the pattern of it! ^^ Have fun mixing up the palette of Your colors! Who says there are rules to sticking to 1 or 2 colors! haha

  12. love the pop of colour! this looks great :)


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