It's Gonna Eat Me Alive

It's Gonna Eat Me Alive


I've been dying for a giant, enormous scarf for SO long (about a month). I really just wanted the thing to be so big that it would swallow me up and eat me. I thought I'd have to shell out for something a lot more pricey, but thankfully, I found a wonderful satiation to my craving at Forever 21! I'm beyond happy.. And now, I get to do this with it...

forever 21 sweater
photos by damon bodine

Also, you might've heard me mentioning in several different posts and on Twitter that I have a new favorite cozy sweater, and this is it!

I'm telling you, this winter I've had it. I've come to a realization that I just want to be enveloped in huge sweaters and scarves. Screw flattering. I feel so awesome and cozy in these items, that I almost don't even care how I look in them.

forever 21 scarf
Scarf- Forever 21/ Sweater- Forever 21/ Pants- Uniqlo


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  1. the scarf looks awesome on you!
    I got a big scarf this year too, I can't stop wearing it!!

  2. Anonymous12/05/2013

    You look perfectly cozy!

  3. Adorable AND comfy!

  4. Anonymous12/05/2013

    Lovely scarf, that will keep you warm for sure! Cute jumper too xx

  5. Oh thank God I'm not the only one who turns anti flattery in winter and pro comfort!! I just love chunky blanket scarves and loose knit sweaters and uggs and all those wonderful pajama-like-comfort clothes!

  6. so super cozy!! i love oversized sweaters & chunky scarves too. it's too cold to be concerned with showing off your skin. plus, you look super cute anyways, so double win.


  7. You look so happy and comfy and beautiful!:)

  8. I love forever21!!
    xo Jessica

  9. Aw! You look so pretty! I love that sweater + scarf combo. So gorgeous. <3

    - Katie formerly of Beautifully Pure

  10. This is a super cute and cozy chic look! That sweater is fantastic <3

    - Anna


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