Mid Century Love ~ Looking at Couches!

Mid Century Love ~ Looking at Couches!

Gahh, forgive me for not understanding how to correctly post images from Instagram just yet!! (does anyone know how to embed Instagram photos without the logo, border, etc.??) I only started paying attention to the platform just recently...

It all started when I snapped this photo of a gorgeous new rug we got to show off to my parents. Guys, we love this rug SOOOOO much. It's from Overstock... a knockoff of the 'overdyed' style that is so popular nowadays. I had no idea this style even existed, but now that I'm aware, I am SUPER into it. And... I basically freak out a little inside every time I see it (30+ times per day...?)

But then we thought... "Gee, having a new rug sure does make all our other furniture from 7 years and two apartments ago pale in comparison." So we decided it might be time to update a few things, starting with a new couch. We even went out to Crate and Barrel on Saturday to have a few looks and a few sits. (I've never felt whiter in my whole life than I did in there... ha!)

Of course, I've also been doing some scoping online, and I've found a bevy of options... So what do you think??

Any experience with any of the below couches? Are they comfy? I really love the mid-century modern styles, but at the same time, I don't want to sit on a rock. A lot of those couches were never designed for comfort, only to look good. Also I love blue for the couch... but the rug we just got is turquoise!! Any color suggestions?

From right to left, top to bottom: Thrive Furniture Tyler // Crate & Barrel Camilla // Macy's Ava // CB2 Avec // Room and Board Anson // Room and Board Andre // Room and Board Murphy // Crate and Barrel Petrie


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  1. Can I have one of each of these in my house already?! I actually have one that looks almost the exact same of the green one in the second to last row. It is from sofasandsectionals.com - and the brand is Palliser. It was so much more reasonable than the Thrive and Crate & Barrel brands which I've had my eye on for some time as well.

    Love your new rug!!! And if you're on IG...I'm definitely gonna have to find you lady :-)

  2. I SO love this style - I think teal couch #4 is my favourite!

    I use Webstagram to post my photos from IG, as I haven't figured out exactly how to do it from the actual IG site: http://web.stagram.com/ I can just copy + paste into my posts - easy peasy!


  3. These are all so pretty! I love the yellow one, and the bottom left green one :)

    Jess xo

  4. Anonymous1/16/2014

    I am crazy about the room and board murphy couch in the last row! I would love to have a cool green couch someday.

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  5. i love this couch style! it looks fancy, but it's still comfortable to lounge on. i think the yellowish one on the top right would look amazing with your new rug.


  6. That deep teal couch speaks to me... ohh I like what it's saying. :D <3

    - Anna


  7. I spent a good half an hour reading your blog and absolutely love it :D you have such heartwarming style and I will definitely keep an eye on your blog :)

  8. I love mid centry modern furniture! I'm sure they are comfortable.

  9. I just go to the actual website and click on an image to screenshot it. If you have an instagram folder on your phone then you can email it to yourself?

    More blue in the room!! :D

  10. I so badly want that left one on the last row - and green isn't even in my (main) favorite colors list. But something about having a green couch, pretty white walls, and loads of natural accents sounds dreamy.


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