Life Moments

Life Moments

Classes cancelled for the rest of the week, so I took a train home this morning back to RI for a couple of days.

Sometimes things get confusing, and I feel like I need to get away.  It's always been hard for me to feel like I'm stuck in one place.  Physically, mentally, spiritually... just stagnant.  It's fortunate when you have a place to go to help break out of that pattern, and comforting to be around people who know you like the back of their hand.  It's nice to be heard.  To just sit back, say absolutely nothing, and still be heard just fine.  I'm fortunate to have that... at least with some people on this earth.

Well in other news, I'm done with House of Cards and I just don't know what I'll watch now. Any suggestions?

(+ here are a few little snapshots I've been procrastinating on posting!)

  Mexican tiles20140115-IMG_3488 20140223-IMG_6188 20140104-IMG_5112 20140104-IMG_5136 20140116-IMG_5238 20140218-IMG_3729 20140216-IMG_3693

~ We ordered a few Mexican tiles from Etsy that we're using as coasters
~ A little lace
~ Chocolate-dipped Ritz!!
~ Ring
~ A photo from a shoot a couple weeks ago, and I thought looked nice in black and white
~ I did a photo shoot at a singer's gig at a piano bar last month... I thought this picture of the piano turned out really cool looking!
~ Thelonious lounging on our new, awesome rug
~ My Songwriting Workshop!!! I've been running some workshops through Noise Collective, where artists come and play their songs for the group, and get critiqued on them.  I’m really proud of the way these are going, and I’ve been meeting so many new and awesome artists. In April, we have a plan to launch two new workshops, and run them all in the same day!!  So excited.

Thanks for stopping by today :)  Hope your week has been good so far.  xxo


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  1. Those workshops are a cool idea.
    Not sure if it's your cup of tea but Game of Thrones is my recommendation. Right now I am going threw X FILES. On Season 7 right now.

    1. Oh, I'm totally already down with GOT. I've read all the books, too (psychologically damaging as that was...) Now X-files... that's a good idea. Going vintage :)

  2. Awe, I'd so love to have a place to go to when I feel blue, awkward or blah ... I mean, I do, but it's too far away, hehe.

    That bw pic of you is wonderful! ;) As is the one of Thelonious! :p

    And I'm really happy to hear you're proud of the fruits of your songwriting workshop! ;D


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