Cold days

Cold days


It's certainly been a few weeks since I've had a style post.  I had a couple of really busy weekends, and sadly didn't have any time to rustle one together.  Fortunately, we found time to snag some quick photos yesterday while taking a nice walk around our old neighborhood.  Off topic, but it's crazy how much things have changed where I used to live... so many new restaurants and bars.

winter scarf
winter wardrobe

We took these pictures with my little Canon Rebel camera... if they look a little different, that's why.  That camera hasn't been used for style photos on this blog for over a year!   Although it's not as sharp and crisp as the other one, it is still pretty great.  Such a different style... I miss it!  You might be seeing more from the Rebel in the near future :)

winter sweater

Knee socks- c/o Oasap // Skirt- c/o Oasap // sweater c/o Sammydress // Scarf- F21 // Loafers- thrifted


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  1. Such great photos of you- you're such a babe! Love the loafers!

  2. loafers are adorable -- love all of the layering, although seriously, can it be spring already?


  3. girl! I love that you are rocking the loafers! I often get made fun of for mine, but I won't give them up! They are comfy and stylish ... always!!!

  4. This looks so chic and cozy <3 I love the chunky knits! Perfect shoes!

    - Anna

  5. This looks so nice and warm! Stylish :)
    Becky x
    Vintage Clothing UK


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