Idea: Repurposed Coffee Table

Idea: Repurposed Coffee Table

Coffee table repurposed

We recently got a new coffee table for our living room, and thus wanted to get rid of the old one.  It was the Lack model from Ikea- really cheap, around $20- and we were going to just chuck it.

We also have been planning on getting a rack for our entry way, because we would lazily throw our shoes all around immediately after coming in the door.  Not very nice looking :)  Being the budget-minded gal I am, I had the thought that we could just reuse the discarded coffee table.

repurposed Coffee table DIY Shoe rack

We found a beautiful blanket at a nearby thrift store, and bam!  New shoe rack!  And if the blanket gets messy, just throw it in the wash to clean.

Now, I'm not suggesting you go out and buy a coffee table in order to make it into a shoe rack :P  But I  think it's cool what you can do with resources at hand.  Throwing something away?  Think twice about it!  Maybe it can be refashioned into a new item that you need, with a little effort (and this one took practically no effort at all!)

Repurposed shoe rack


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  1. Anonymous3/27/2014

    What a great idea. I have *got* to do something about my crazy shoe problem. What a good way to repurpose an item. I have a similar coffee table/entertainment table from Ikea that I could do this with!

  2. The idea is absolutely lovely! But I'd need about 8+ tables to fit all the shoes in this house. So, not such a good idea for me. =/ Unfortunately.

  3. this is a great idea! my bf and i actually just bought a shoe rack to go by the front door. if we had an old coffee table, it would have been perfect.


  4. This is a really great idea! Now I'm going to look around my apartment to see what can be re-purposed!

  5. Hey, that works great!! We probably have too many shoes in this house because I have 3 separate shoe racks...

  6. Cute idea, way to repurpose!

  7. Great idea! It's nice to keep them off the floor, too. We've repurposed furniture, too. Our old bedside tables are now helping with closet storage!

  8. What a cool idea! I always cramp my shoes in the closet and have a hard time every time I feel like wearing those pairs I don't often wear, haha.

    Have a happy week! ;)


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