7 Traits I Inherited from my Mom (and Grandmother)

7 Traits I Inherited from my Mom (and Grandmother)

So, this is me and my mom :)  It's one of my favorite pictures of us, because I think it embodies our relationship perfectly.  It's one of those instances where you can tell the story just from looking at the picture.  

I was thinking about her yesterday when I read an XOJane article about the writers "beauty inheritance" from their moms... well, I'm taking it a step further, with a list of all kinds of awesome traits I inherited from her.  Here goes...

1An iron-steel will
2. Desire to take the road less traveled
3. Body type... aka big hips :)
4. A warm, inviting smile
5. Style, with an artistic flair

Mother's day

This is my grandmother... a very glamorous lady.  I think I inherited a lot from her, as well.  Including, but not limited to:

6. Signature dark brown hair
7. Tendency to age well... most of the women in my family do :)

Happy Mother's Day!!  Did you inherit any awesome traits from your mom?  What are they?


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  1. Got them hips from my mama too :)

    Waw, beautiful photos!!

  2. Ah, huh .. got the pear shape from my mom too!!

    Monica, www.pear-shaped-gal.com

  3. What a neat mother's day post ;). And oh, my! Your grandma was so stunning; love her attitude!


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