Little Black Dress

There was a time when I used to love dressing up, all fancy and movie-star like.

But then there was a boy... (yada, yada...) and I started slowly altering my style to try be kind of girl that I thought he might like.   Anything "girly" went directly in the garbage.  I recoiled from the color pink.  Spurned glitter anything.  Stopped wearing makeup.  Changed my hair.  Changed so much about myself.

And after all that, I still never ended up with him.  He always chose someone else.

I wish I could say that after that, I immediately learned my value and started taking better care of myself, but I didn't.  I made a lot of mistakes.  I fell down all the same rabbit holes over and over.  It took a long time for me to understand that sadness and longing was not the same thing as love.

Well... needless to say it was always their loss, and I'm happier and much better off now.

It's not that I regret changing...  I think it's natural to evolve in style, and all other ways.

It's that I denied myself things that made me happy.  

People- we will always make mistakes in the name of "love."  The world keeps turning.  People do the same things over and over.  It's unavoidable.

Just avoid that one if you can.

Soooo yeah...

Sheinside dress

maxi dress

The whole kickoff for that story is that I've slowly felt like I've been getting in touch with a more glamorous version of myself this year.  And in case you couldn't tell, I am feeling goddess-like in this dress from Sheinside.

Casual is nice.  Casual is simple and clean, and is a hallmark of most of my everyday outfits.  But gurrl, I'm discovering that a little glamour goes a long way ;)

Also- super in love with these sunglasses!  Man, I just love me some round oversized frames.  Can't get enough of 'em!

black maxi dress

Dress- c/o Sheinside // Necklace- from Mom // Sunnies- ZeroUV

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  1. I absolutely adore your outfit!

  2. Lovely maxi!


  3. Simple and perfect <3 Those sunglasses are so rad!

    - Anna

    1. My current favorite sunglasses :)

  4. I completely relate to your story, though it's not my style that I would change for a guy but more of my size and how I act and such. I had just recently started to accept that if he doesn't like me for who I am, then his loss.

    You look gorgeous in that dress! Love the sunglasses and that little headband! :3

    1. Totally :) Thank you for sharing that. And thanks for the love!! xxo


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