Treat Yourself ~ The Ultimate Bath Experience

Treat Yourself ~ The Ultimate Bath Experience

I love (love, love, love) hot baths.  And good news!  They're not just for recreation- they're also an age-old health remedy.  They are one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce anxiety and calm your nerves.  The heat and water is such a super healing combination  ... not even having to leave the house is a plus, too.

For me, it's usually a no-frills experience.  I just fill the tub up with water... maybe add a little epsom salts... the usual, nothing fancy.

But it occurred to me... I want frills every now and then!  And adding some simple touches really made my experience feel 1000% more luxurious.

So here's what you need to do to set the mood:


First, think about all of your five senses.  When we do something we like, normally, it's just about trying to please one or two of those senses.  And that's all fine and good.  But we're talking about luxury, here.  We want to try and please not just a few of our senses... but all of them at the same time!  Take a minute to think about-

What do you want to hear, see, smell, taste, and touch?


+ What do you want to listen to as you're laying in your beautiful bath?  Usually you want to find a mellow selection, but some like to be invigorated.... who's to say you can't play punk or 80's pop?  Haha.

+ If you're into meditation music, Youtube is a good source for continuously-playing material!  I also recently found this video of Tibetan bowl sounds, which I've been listening to every night before I go to sleep.

+ Maybe you just want to play your favorite record...



+ Loads of candles are an obvious choice.  A bag of tea lights are cheap, and will get the job done.  If you're a one-or-two candle lighter like myself, go nuts this time!  (Just be careful with them, never light them near a cloth or towel, etc., and never leave the room while they are lit!)

+ Adorn the water with rose petals.  Yes, it is cheesy, but I couldn't believe the difference it made in presentation.  Even if it's something you never do for yourself because it's too expensive, or messy, or whatever xyz reason, JUST DO IT!! :)

+ Grab some knick-knacks from around your house that make you happy, or are pleasant to look at, and place them around the bathroom.


+ Make yourself a pretty sachet!  What's your favorite calming herb?  I usually like sweeter scents myself, but and a whiff lavender will calm you right down.

Put about 2 heaping tablespoons of dried lavender (or other herb) into a cotton muslin bag, and hang it over the faucet as the tub is filling.  Then let the bag sit in the water.  You'll feel like you're in a big cup of tea!

+ You can also use essential oils.  Just a few drops in the water should do!



+ I'm gonna buck the conventional traditions a little, and advise against wine or champagne in the bath.   We all love a little every now and then... but the heat is already altering your state of conscious, as well as making you sweat.  Alcohol is dehydrating.  Not a good combo.

+ Instead, make yourself a pretty, fancy water.  Infuse some mint in your water for about an hour. It's so cooling in the hot water.



+ How hot do you like your bath?  Remember to monitor the temperature it so it's not too hot or too cold.

+ As I mentioned before, epsom salts are a wonderful addition to help soothe sore muscles.  They are usually affordable and readily available.

+ Cucumbers for your eyes are a classic choice- they de-puff everything!

+ Do you enjoy craning your neck in an awkward positions for an hour or more?  No?  Then invest in a bath pillow.  You will thank me.

Happy bathing :)


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  1. i haven't taken a bath in forever, but this makes me want to! love your whole setup. i didn't know that epsom salt was good for sore muscles! i use it in my dog's baths to soothe his paws (he has allergies), so maybe i'll save some for myself :)


    1. Yeah, epsom salt rocks!! Give it a try, girl.

  2. Jen is a lover of a good soak, whereas I rarely ever have one. I need to start doing so! I personally like wine in the bath, however whenever I take one or a shower earlier in the day, I keep something cool on the sink. Juice is a favorite.

    I love epsom salts because they're -so- healthy! They're a miracle and yet so cheap! I also like lavender. It's so soothing. We had a peppermint bubble bath once, and a chocolate strawberry one - so good. I want to try LUSH products!

    Flower petals - also ones that melt in the water - are such a lovely touch. :D

    1. Those bubble baths sound so yummy! Sounds like you're due for a nice soothing bath, girl :) x

  3. OMG Such a miserable day in Brisbane today just want to go home and jump in a bath, with nice music and flower petals!!

  4. Uh, I love this. I have been so stressed and dealing with a kind of broken heart so I think I need to treat myself to a nice bath. Good tips, Chantilly!

    1. Oh no, I hope everything's okay! I think it's especially important to treat ourselves nice when we are dealing with broken hearts and stress. Sending you lots of good vibes, Katie!!


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