What to Wear When Performing

What to Wear When Performing

Dress // Jacket // Necklace // Boots - All from Lulu's!!   
Guitar by Martin

Alright!  It's the long-awaited return of the style post.  Not just any style post, mind you... this is a collaboration conjured up by Lulu's and I.  It's a creative take on what I would wear to perform on the stage of my dreams!

ALSO, this is a two-part series.   I'll be posting a video next week of me playing a song from my new EP (wearing my new duds of course :)  More on that to come!

So yeah.  When it comes to performance-wear, I feel like somewhere along the line, I picked up this silly little philosophy that if you are a musician/ artist, you shouldn't look like you put too much effort into your appearance.  If you do, you are trying too hard.  And if you are trying too hard, then you certainly are not cool.

Well...  I've recently decided that that's a load of hooey :)  So my new idea is this:

When you're choosing a look for the stage (even a small stage), you should go with something that is fancier than what your audience would wear.

Much like being a blogger, part a performer's job is to be aspirational.  To play characters.  Even if it's just a coffeehouse gig, try to think about things that make you a more exaggerated version of yourself.   It helps establish your role in the situation as an artist, and signal that the people in the room need to pay attention.

I personally like fake eyelashes, red lips, hats, and accessories like the dazzling necklace below.

So when I was thinking about what kind of style would be ideal for a HUGE performance, I decided to go big or go home....

Bring on the sequins!

Research studies show that copious amounts of sequins make a girl feel glamorous and hott.  And they also stand out well onstage.  The more you know... 

Now, personally, my ego still has a weakness for appearing "cool."  So I had to edge up my glitzy party dress with some buckled boots and moto jacket.  Turns out you can have a lot of fun playing with different attitudes and the same look.  For instance, you can...

Go punk!

Lulu's dress

Go glam! 


Go sexy!

Lulu's dress
Lulu's jacket


So ... next week, there will be a video too :)  I'll be playing that there guitar and singing.   I'm always a little nervous about sharing videos, since they're not really my domain, but I can't wait to share a new song with you guys!

Talk soon.  xxoo


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  1. This outfit is perfect for being up on stage! The sequins will look gorgeous when the lights hit them, giving the performer a bit more of a ethereal glow adding to the persona and ambience.

  2. Edgy, I love those boots, they are some cool boots :-) I graduated in guitar, so I can appreciate a Martin, I have a Taylor acoustinc I love.
    from the link up,
    please stop by, jess xx

  3. This look is really cool! I really like the combination of sparkling and strong!
    Enjoy your Sunday night dear and thank you a lot for your comment and congratulations :)

  4. That dress is so awesome :D It just glows! <3

    - Anna


  5. I've always had dreams of being in a band and that's mostly because I wanted to pick out fun outfits to wear on stage :) I love this- it's the perfect blend of edgy/cool/glam/sexy and totally right for a night of performing!

  6. Heck yeah! I like the idea of playing a sort of character & wearing something fancier than your audience. This ensemble is really perfect Chantilly! I'm performing at an open mic in a coffeehouse on Tuesday & I'm totally following your lead here. By the way - I just listened to your new song via your YouTube channel & it is beautiful lady!!! xo, Marisa

    1. OMG, where/ what open mic are you performing at?? Good luck!!!

      Also, I will be in Philly on 11/20. Are you still in that area? I'd love to see you!


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