Lately ++

Lately ++


+ It's been super cold in New York this week.  I pulled out my winter coat, and all my thick sweaters.  Even threw out a few ratty ones.  (RIP, sweaters)

+ The top on my guitar cracked!!  It's making sounds that are all buzzy and sad now.  Have to take it to the guitar doctor...

+ Anticipating changes on the horizon, yet the day-to-day schedule remains light.  I've got my students and various freelance jobs... but shows are winding down for the fall, progress on the EP is (still) slow, and I haven't even dreamed about full schedule of blog posts in a long time.   I'm used to the feeling of filling my days up with EVERYTHING POSSIBLE... because in NY if you're not busy, why are you even here?  :P  But I'm trying to re-learn stillness.  Waiting to be organically inspired to start new projects again, rather than forcing it.

+ Watching:  Masters of Sex, American Horror Story (yawn), & re-watching the Walking Dead from the beginning.  It's a trip to journey back to how the series started off... such a completely different world and characters.  Although I fast-forward through some of the gorier scenes.  Like Otis's death... ew :(

+ I'm always on the hunt for new shows... anyone have any good recommendations?

+ I forgot how I came across it, but I kind of want to buy every fragrance on this site.

+ Do you ever notice that the worst possible thing happens... and then the best possible thing happens almost immediately after?  Or vice versa?  I wonder why.

So... yeah :)  Anyway... these photos are some forgotten shots from the past months.  (I might've even posted a couple of them before, haha :)

Hope all is well in your world.


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  1. A storm is brewing up as I type this, and I feel ridiculously sad, since I was promised to go to the Book Market this weekend - it's an even I've been waiting for for a month now - and this storm just comes in... It's freezing as well here (Lebanon, tiny little country in a misunderstood parta'the world lol)
    Series: Penny Dreadul MUST-WATCH. Constantine. The Knick (I hear it's nice). and of course: Grimm, and Supernatural hehe... I have a bunch I follow...
    As for the events... I think We feel the other end of the extreme spectrum right after cause Our expectations would've soared or plunged, so We feel it more... Just spit-balling here...

    Rambled a lot ^_^' sorryy! Haha


    1. I LOVE The Knick, and I'm sad there aren't more episodes. The music score is especially fascinating to me.

      I don't know the other shows, except I have heard great things about Penny Dreadful. Thank you for the recs!! xxo


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