Stories ++ Salem & Halloween

Stories ++ Salem & Halloween

Spooky carnival...

salem halloween salem halloween

Ok, so I have to be honest... the pictures are really pretty, but this night was one of those times where things go so horribly wrong, it's just hysterical.  And now that I've told the story about it a jillion times, I'm ready to embrace the absurdity of it all....

salem halloween

It had been a moderately stressful 6-hour drive in a rental car-- and I should mention that I love driving, and am mostly good at it  :P   But I live in a city which relies on public transportation, and obviously am out of practice.  So it always takes some time to feel comfortable behind the wheel again.

We reached our destination of Salem, and it was mobbed... what did we expect?  It was Halloween.  It all looked like fun, but it was dark and impossible to see, people were everywhere, several streets were barricaded off, etc.  Then, things got interesting.

We continued to drive around looking for parking and not succeeding.   One of the parking lots we drove through led us onto a barricaded street.  I kept going, thinking it was an open one.  A couple of weird turns later, and there we were.  In the mob.   There were people all around the car in every direction.  It was like Rick trying to drive through a zombie hoard on the Walking Dead.

I was completely freaking out, but managed to inch forward towards a miraculously located Hess station with an empty parking lot.  We sat there in a daze for awhile.  Matt was all... "Just turn around and go back the way you came."  I was like ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I ended up going into the convenience store and talking with the manager ("How did you even get in here??!")  She could see that it was a stressful situation, and was super nice about it.  She mercifully gave me a free coffee, and said we could park there until the streets opened back up around 11:30.

To sum it up, the rest of our night consisted of:

+ Being really excited!!  (for about 10 minutes)
+ Wandering around among the hordes of costumed folk
+ Missing the "spooky ghost tour" we had booked
+ Fighting
+ Making up
+ Waiting in an hour-long line to eat wings
+ Getting bored and just sitting in the car for about 45 minutes before the streets cleared out and we could leave

This night was unforgettable.  But obviously not for the reasons you'd think.  :P

Here's me at the Hess station, right after we sorted everything out, posing with another lady in a witch costume!

2salem halloween
salem halloween
salem halloween

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  1. Wow, what a rather terrible night .. oh, well .. in a few years you'll be re-telling this story .. "Remember that one Halloween .. "


    1. Haha. The good thing is, I'm chuckling about it already :) It's all perspective.

  2. I think what you did was pretty much the only way to find parking in Salem on Halloween, LOL.

    1. LOL!! Yeah, we probably would've ended up driving around the same block for 4 hours, then going home. Guess it worked out!

  3. Wow! These photos are gorgeous, Chantilly. Carnivals + Halloween are two of my very favorite things, so I'm thrilled you combined them in this post!

    Uncustomary Art.

    1. Haha, thanks! The carnival was directly next to the Hess station, so it was the first place we went, and pretty much was the focus of our initial excitement... those twinkly lights get me every time!


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