Forever and a Day

Forever and a Day


Yeesh, it's been a super long time since I updated this blog.  Rather than jumping back in the game out of nowhere with several little posts,  I wanted to do a big 'ol update, with lots of little doo-dads and odds n' ends from my lyfe.  Plus a style post, natch (hard to come by these days!  Super cold + other life stuffs getting in the way.... )

First of all, I'm sorry I haven't been around... especially to answer some of your comments and questions.  I knew that things were going to slow down here, but I truthfully never expected it to just stop.  A few months back, I just got majorly overwhelmed with all social media, including blogging.  I had to disconnect myself to save my sanity :P

I started typing up a post full of super-personal details of the agonies and ecstasies of my blogging adventure, and why I haven't been here.  Maybe I will save that post for another day.  But it basically boils down to this:  it's hard.   Following a schedule, nailing the photo composition every single time, having constant outfit inspiration, looking perfect, acting perfect, perfect lighting, perfect angles, never showing a wrinkle, sag, or bulge, cross posting every post to social media.  I'm really over trying to give everyone the impression that everything in my life is easy, because it's not.  It's all too hard, so I stopped.

I really feel like blogging used to be a community, with all kinds of quirky and unique people sharing their lives with each other.  Now it's mostly about putting on display your achingly perfect body/ bone structure/ house/ family/ vacations/ possessions/ etc.

....That said... there is something I do miss about taking style photos.  Even if my hair is messy, or my eyeliner isn't perfect, or you can see the bags under my eyes.  There's just something about being in an outfit that makes you feel really good, and getting in front of that camera  :)  I will try to keep that up come spring.

f21 dress

Okay, second thing.  I set up another blog and will probably be updating that one a little more frequently than this one.  I knowww it's kind of annoying when people do that, but I needed a change.  And I don't have any plans to completely dump this space (even though I'm not sure what to do with it at the moment...)

The blog (find it here!!) is mostly dedicated to my new music project.  I'm releasing all my new songs there, plus sharing stories, pictures, etc.

What I love most about it:  There are no analytics, so I can't see how many pageviews I get.  Comments are disabled.  The sidebars are totally clean.  LOVE IT.  I cannot tell you how liberating it is to not give a rat's ass if my followers have increased or decreased this month.  Or if I have "compelling content."  I don't care!  Haha.


It's not much yet, but it'll get going...


More?  Yes more!

I've got a couple of videos to share.  If you happen to follow me on any social media, you might have seen that one of my songs was on Dance Moms last week.  Plus Maddie Ziegler was one of the dancers!!  I was super excited...

Also, here is a scene from the independent film Worst Year of My Life.  Many of my songs were in this movie.  I happen to think this scene is really beautiful.

Alright, so I think that's mostly it.  I hang out mostly on Instagram these days (some Facebook, and of course the new Tumblr), so maybe I will catch up with you in one of those places :)

(also, to get full information about my songs, make sure you are signed up for my email list!)

See you soon!!  xoxo

f21 peasant dress

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  1. Could not agree with you more regarding the seeming perfection that saturates the blogging world. It started to feel really competitive for me at one point, and that's when I made a similar choice to pull away from the preconceived notion of what it should be, and began doing it for my own catharsis and satisfaction again. I love that your analytics are suppressed - I still find myself sneaking a peek now and then, eep!

    Congrats on your song being featured!


  2. You look so cute and cozy <3 Really love that bag, too. Welcome back! ^_^

    - Anna


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