How to Style a Desk

How to Style a Desk


It's been a few months now since we moved into our new apartment... I guess it's not so new anymore, haha. 😛   Anyway, I wanted to show you guys my desk setup so far!

We are so freaking lucky to have a second bedroom.  I've adapted it as an office, meditation, and music space. We're putting a futon in there eventually for guests, so the furniture will be reconfigured sometime in the near future.  Also the walls are plastered, so we have to drill to hang anything up, and I want to avoid that as much as possible (washi tape to the rescue!) Hence, this is far from a permanent setup.

Even so, there are a few things I thought about when I was putting it together-

+ Keep it minimal.  Yes, the wall is pretty bare... I kind of love it, though.  In the past I've been the queen of hoarding vintage knick-knacks and decorations, but that can get junky-looking if you're not careful.  Embracing a cleaner palette can give you the leeway to add more colorful touches later.

+ White furniture!!  I love the feeling of openness, or at least faking it if you don't have the space.  I painted my desk last year, because at the time my home office was super small.  The goal was reducing the amount of visual space it took up, and this did the trick nicely. 

+ Baskets- your new BFFs.  I'm a clutter-prone person.  Sometimes I try to be good and keep things picked-up and put-away.  But sometimes, trying to be organized is too overwhelming...  Next think you know, there's papers all over the desk, books all over the floor, everything is everywhere!  I LOVE baskets, because they're an easy place to throw random stuff when the messiness gets out of hand.


+ Organizational Tools- I didn't get to finishing the Konmari book... but one thing I took away from it was the beauty of grouping similar items together.  It's such a simple concept!  Small examples that anyone can do include the pencil jar I made a few years ago, or the little wooden napkin holder I use to keep important papers.  
+ Fun vintage touches.  Remember those colorful touches I mentioned earlier?  Use them with abandon now that your space is simplified!  Especially if they have special meaning to you.  I love the pretty boho platter that my mother gave me.  Also, the glitter-filled heart jar I used in my wedding 😃


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