Lately ++

Lately ++

Gurl, it's been too long... anyone still out there?  Haha.  I've had many a thing on my mind, and getting a new post up has been in there somewhere too.  But frankly it's always hard to begin again.  Then again.  And again.  Keep hitting the repeat and reset buttons, spin the wheel and see where life takes you this time.  So what's been going on?

+ Where Have I Been: Chapter VI ---  In the fall I was prepared to re-launch my blog and planned a ton of posts.  Then I landed a temp job that ended up lasting a couple of months!  It was chill and everyone was super nice.  But blogging fell by the wayside.

+ Now I am teaching music again and dreaming of getting this space going.  But inertia, you know?

I've been doing my annual binge-watch of Beverly Hills 90210 Seasons 1-3 (high-school Brenda is basically whole show, not trying to hear anything else.)  Guys, I am SO into early 90's fashion.  If the Universe is good, I'll find the perfect dupe of Brenda's high-waisted, light wash, straight-legged jeans very soon.

+ For the last few months, I've cut back on 90% of refined sugar and processed foods.  I feel great and eat delicious meals (lots of avocados, nuts, eggs, & fruits!)

But sugar has these weird social pressures that I'd never even thought about.  Like my mother-in-law will send Matt home with a cake... and how can I not have a piece and tell her it was delicious?  Or everyone will say "Let's go for ice cream!!"  And you have to be the wet blanket who says no.
I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up forever, but right now it works.  My skin is glowing.  My jeans fit a scooch better.  I'm lovin' it.

+ Joined Class Pass!  And I got a half-off deal for 3 months, so... awesome!  Excited to interlope into the world of fancy fitness and boutique butt exercises. 

(ok getting a bit more real, now...)

+ Been thinking about motherhood.  And if it's for me or not.

+ In general, since moving back to the city I've been trying hard to get my shit together.  I look back at all my old posts and think... "Wow, my life was so amazing!"  But it really didn't feel like that at the time at all.  Social media can fool people so much, you can even fool yourself.

  + ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM ALERT.  Because of the circus of our last election and events following, for me the past few months have felt like a broken roller coaster.  Election night was one of the most surreal moments of my life.  I have never been so absolutely astonished and frightened, and I can still hardly believe it's real life. I'm trying (as we're all trying, I'm sure) to deal with it, live my life despite the horror show, and fight in my own small ways.  Just waiting it out for 2018. + And... we can't end on that note, can we?  Nope.  So here's a sweet picture of Jesse to round it off (Matt's parent's dog.)

Hope everyone is taking care of themselves out there!!

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