Life Moments // St. Croix

Life Moments // St. Croix

Hey hey!!

Since the last time I posted, I've been to the US Virgin Islands and back!  If any of you beautiful folks follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few of my updates.  This was our first vacation since the honeymoon, and we both really needed it.  We haven't been in a tropical destination since Puerto Rico.  It was surreal, and sooo relaxing.

St. Croix

St. Croix Virgin Islands

Christiansted Saint Croix

Angry Nates St. Croix

Christiansted St. Croix

Udall Point St. Croix
Udall Point St. Croix

Virgin Islands Udall Point

sunglasses St. Croix

Chenay Bay St. Croix

US Virgin Islands

1. This is the first picture I have voluntarily posted of myself on the internet in at least a year.  Around the time I stopped posting on the blog, I became increasingly hard on myself/ the way I look in photos.  That's a whole other post... but here's to maybe getting over that (a little bit.)

2. Yellow on yellow.

3. Small dock area at our hotel.

4. Danish architecture in the historical area of Christiansted.

5. Burgers for brunch!

6. Overlooking the marina.

7. There were cacti all over the place at Udall Point!  If you ever find yourself in St. Croix, and only have time to do one thing, hiking the trail that leads to this beautiful beach would be it.

8. Ocean lady.

9. Trails @ Udall Point

10.  One of Matt's goals was to get his scuba diving certification while we were here.  Unfortunately, I had an ear infection so I couldn't join him in diving.  Thus, I spent a lot of time poolside.

11. The property we stayed at!  Just a series of cute individual cabins.

12. Why yes, please come in and have a drink with us :)

13. Cotton candy sunset.


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