July 27, 2018

Life Moments ++

Omg, is there anything better than room service??


What up, beauties?  Life has sure been an adventure recently, and I just wanted to share a few snaps. I've been going through some of my old posts... I miss blogging so much!

But sometimes I feel like so many things are happening all the time. By the time you are done processing those things, you're onto something else and all the rest is forgotten. No time to document or share. Not to mention doing all those things in between work and home life.

Sometimes I wonder... how did I do it all before? I used to plan and post at least 3x per week in between teaching students, playing shows, and making records. Did I just have more time? More organizational skillz? More motivation?

Anyway... just wanted to share a moment of honesty 😊 Hope all is well with you... click through to see some of my photos from the past couple of weeks!

+ Rainy day upstate driving... and you know what? I kind of love "imperfect" photos like this one. Grainy, blurry, out of focus... whatever. It reminds me of the actual moment, not some idealization of the moment.


+ Me + my man climbing Mount Beacon. We've had a lot going on this summer, so we haven't even been able to go hiking that often... this was the only time at the beginning of the summer!

Mt. Beacon

+ ... and right after hiking on the day of the above photo, we climbed down the mountain and discovered that there was a cupcake festival going on in town. Can you believe?!


 Hiding from the camera (badly :P)

life moments

+ Perfect brunch spot after a day shopping in Soho.

Fanelli's soho

+ Purses + jackets + things.

chloe faye small

+ Recent trip to see my parents in RI! My mother made this gorgeous wall hanging from the flowers used in my wedding, and hasn't taken it down in 3 years.

Dried Flowers

 New York forever and always in my heart.

life moments

+ Mirror selfies 4 lyfe  ❤️

life moments

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