Moments from the County Fair

Moments from the County Fair

Do you remember your first time going to a carnival?

Roller coaster carnival

Fried dough carnival

For me, I remember the glitter of the neon and lights as we pulled into the parking lot at night. We found our way into a dimly-lit tent where a kind lady painted my face in green glitter. With a few strokes, I was instantly transformed into a celestial princess. I was so sad that I had to wash it off when I got home, wishing I could keep it on forever so that I'd always remember that special night. (I think my Mom even let me sleep without washing it off!)

I'll never forget those feelings or experiences. That's why I love the fair, and that's what keeps people coming back year after year. You never have to go very far to have the time of your life screaming your head off on a rollercoaster, then pounding down a corndog and Coke afterward. All you have to do is wait for the right time of year!

So here's a list of seven magical things about going to the fair, to get you pumped for your next trip, whenever that may be.

Eating that one special food that you've waited all year for

You know the one I'm talking about. Your favorite food is probably not the same as mine, but it's still undoubtedly the best (right?!). My husband's is sausage and peppers. I personally love freshly fried dough with powdered sugar. (NOT funnel cakes. It's gotta be doughy.) When I see it and smell it, it takes me back to that first night with the green glitter face painting, and just makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Forgo your diet this time and get some of those good memories back.

What's your favorite?

fried dough carnival

Carnival drinks

Carnival smells

There's nothing quite like the nostalgic smell of the fairgrounds. Cotton candy, corn dogs, caramel apples... give me all of it, please. Smell is so powerful, and it's one of the things that makes it such a great experience, evokes nostalgia, and keeps us coming back for more!!

Cotton candy carnival

Screaming your head off on crazy rides

Okay, so I admit it. I'm a little bit of a ride wimp.

Sure, when I was a kid I was fearless. I went on all the rides, and I mean ALL OF THEM. I never backed down from a challenge. But what can I say? Age has mellowed me, so now I stick to the kiddie coasters and the Ferris wheel.

But that doesn't mean YOU shouldn't enjoy them! The daredevil rides are popular for a reason, and they're (mostly!) safe. If that shot of adrenaline you get from the Freefall makes you feel ALIVE, then who's to stop you? Go get in line and have the time of your life.

cotton candy carnival

Going in the 'spooky' haunted house

These cheap scare tactics never fail to disappoint. Either in novelty or if they're genuinely scary to you... just another way to get your adrenaline fix! By the time I made it into the haunted houses, I was a teenager so I basically just had a good laugh with my friends. Either way, it's always a good time.

Seeing cutie farm animals up close

I always love taking a stroll through the livestock exhibits and seeing the pigs, cows, chickens, and horses. I don't know what it is, but I find farm animals to be so cute! They're animals that most of us don't normally get to see every day, and it's nice to be reminded that these are beings deserving of respect and honor.

Let's be real... most of us use animal products daily but are pretty removed from the um... processes that get them onto our tables. So go make friends with a pig and get some perspective 🐷

Winning a prize from a game

Okay, I must confess... I've never actually won the prize 😭 (Cue the world's tiniest violin, etc...) I know, I know... we all understand that the games are rigged. But that won't stop me from having the best time while trying to shoot the duck and win the stuffed stoned penguin (you know the one...)

carnival games

The carnival lights as it gets dark

This is actually my favorite part of going to the fair. As I said before, my first time was at nighttime when I was little. The excitement and mystery that was in the air was absolutely thrilling! It still is. I still get that look of bright-eyed wonder whenever I see those neon lights. Do you?

carnival games

So was there anything I missed? What's your favorite part of going to the fair??







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