Cartier in NYC

Cartier in NYC

Cartier NYC Christmas

Heyyyyyy! Happy holidays everyone!

Just dropping in for a minute to say hi and share these bomb photos I took the other day with Vicki in front of Cartier. A few things-

-  I've been totally obsessed with blue velvet ever since I watched the Haunting of Hill House. Did you watch? Did you see that robe that velvet Olivia wore around the house all the time? OMG. I scoured the internet, and this dress from Amazon was the closest thing I found  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

- This dress is so perfect for the holidays, and for winter in general! So excited to wear it more.

Get the dress here!!!

- I admit... throughout my blogging career I haven't always been 'on it' when posting themed content for certain holidays, seasons, etc. That's why I'm so happy about these photos! I LOVE the Cartier building in the background, the bow decorations, and the overall elegant 5th Avenue vibe.

- I'm still coming to terms with posting photos of myself online... I was pretty squicked out by it for a while and took a long break from style blogging. Even now, I've been posting mostly flatlays, photos of NYC buildings and other 'lifestyle' stuff on my Instagram. But I think I'm slowly making some progress.

So there you have it! It's probably the last time I'll post on my blog for the next couple weeks, but I've been updating my Instagram much more regularly. Follow me! :)

If I don't see you around, have a really happy holiday and New Year!!  xxo

Cartier NYC Christmas

Cartier NYC New York Christmas

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