April 19, 2019

NYC Springtime Easter Brunch Outfit

Springtime Easter Brunch Outfit

OMG it is spring!! Can you feel it?! I don't know about you, but it's like my mood instantly lifted the minute the weather started getting warmer outside. I get to wear dresses once again... Starting my routine of iced coffee and long walks.... Game of Thrones is starting back up.... Life is good.


April 08, 2019

Everything You Need to See and Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs California

Palm Springs Palm Trees CA
Palm Springs California

Palm Springs has a solid reputation as THE spot for bloggers, influencers, and photographers, and it's clear why. The scenery is next-level gorgeous, the houses are #goals, and there's more than enough sunshine to go around. Not to mention its cool history as a hideaway for Hollywood royalty.

But you definitely don't have to be packing a DSLR camera or a card-carrying "Influencer" to enjoy this colorful town. Palm Springs is a welcoming place for everyone!

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