Happy Halloween Witches 🎃👻 | Chantilly

Happy Halloween Witches 🎃👻

Halloween Wednesday Addams look
Halloween Brooklyn decorating

Boo!! Did I scare you? Haha!

It’s finally fright night guys! I have to say, I’ve been anticipating Halloween since the start of the season this year. I’ve been hyping myself up with Pinterest boards, and planning fun shoots. I didn’t quite do everything I wanted to, but that’s what next years are for, right? 

Also after all that planning, I’m out of town this week and didn't even bring a costume with me 😭 Even so, it'll be fun to experience this holiday in a new place. I can’t wait to see what San Francisco is up to today! Hopefully there are lots of little trick or treaters running around with their infectious energy, like they do in New York!

So I got together for a Halloween decorating party at Vicki’s house with some other blogger friends, and we had a blast doing a shoot on her stoop! It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this with other bloggers and it was such a blast!

halloween blogger decorating party

For this look, I wanted to do something Halloween-ish, but not completely a costume. I got this Wednesday Addams style dress on Amazon (they also have a pink dress that could be used as a Stranger Things Eleven costume!) I just wanted to be a ‘creepy girl’ and I think I succeeded 💀

Either way, Happy Halloween!! 🎃👻 Hope you have a spoooky day.

Wednesday Addams costume

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