How to Have a Marvelous New Year's Party at Home

How to Have a Marvelous New Year's Party at Home

New Year's Eve Party at Home

Another year and another magical New Year's Eve ✨ So what are you up to? Since Matt and I find ourselves without a party to go to this year, we'll be nestled at home with a few fabulous friends.

Coincidentally, I ended up doing an Instagram campaign for Whole Foods based around the idea of creating a lowkey fancy New Year's party at home. And although we don't usually do much entertaining due to our small apartment size, it really inspired me! All during December, I was collecting decorations, props, and thinking about all the different food and wine options I wanted to present.

Since I've been thinking so much about it, I wanted to share my thought process with you so that you can plan your own awesome party! I know there's only a day to spare at this point,😂 But hopefully these quick tips will give you some inspo for years to come!


It's always fun to think about incorporating a theme! It's definitely not required to have a good time... but firing off some ideas gets your imagination going and makes everyone more excited about coming! Especially if it's a theme where people have to participate by say, dressing up or playing a game.

I thought about incorporating one but decided to go with a more general "New Year's Eve" vibe since it was for a campaign. However, I knew I wanted gold and silver accents. And I was also careful to throw in some vintage elements to give it a more homey/ lived in feel.

Also, just a personal choice, but some people like to go with a huge balloons or signs with the number of the new year. I think those are super cute! But I wasn't sure that the brand I was working with wanted that... plus I wanted the option to use these photos more than once for repinning on Pinterest, etc. 😊

Here are some ideas for themes!

- 70's disco party featuring Rollergirl and Bee Gees costumes and of course... lots and lots of disco balls
- Black tie/ superfancy
- Burning Man raver with blacklights everywhere
- Masquerade- everyone wears masks and unveils them at midnight!
- Sequins and stars- everybody dresses as glittery as possible
- Times Square- pretend you're in the Big Apple and decorate with everything NYC-inspired (including the big ball drop!)
- Champagne and diamonds
- Pajama party/ Midnight Brunch


Are you planning on serving food and drink at your party? Then make sure to get all your ducks in a row by deciding on a menu early on! If you've already got a theme, then it's likely you've got a built-in menu as well. Like if you're planning a pajama/ breakfast party... obviously you'd want to serve pancakes and eggs 🥞❤️

My party menu was centered around shrimp and caviar. Well... I knew not a thing about caviar! So I did some research and discovered that they can be served on cocktail blinis with sour cream. Fancy cheeses and crackers are an easy complement to any Hors d'oeuvres setup, so I decided to pick up a couple different varieties. And Voilà! Food station complete.

Of course, it's also fun to be creative about your menu, so don't be afraid to think oudside the box!

Here's some crowd-pleasing food/ Hors d'oeuvres ideas! 

- Stuffed mushrooms
- Hot wings
- Mini hotdogs
- Deviled eggs
- Mini sliders
- Ham with sides like creamed spinach or black eyed peas
- Mini Swedish meatballs

For fancier options, think about these

- Caviar & cocktail blinis
- Shrimp cocktail
- Upgraded cheese and crackers
- Hummus and vegetables
- Fresh mozzarella and basil
- Marinated Kalamata olives

New Year's Eve Party at Home


I collected everything over the course of about a month, but you don't need to take that long at all! Actually, the more I collected, the more I realized how much easier it would've been if I DID have a theme to go off of. I was just ordering some stars here... some tinsel there.... However I had fun doing it and I love the way it turned out 😊

Keep in mind, you might need special items depending on what food and drink you have lined up. For instance, I knew I needed pretty serving bowls for the caviar and shrimp. Believe it or not, I found ones I liked at the dollar store!

It's also a good idea to look around and see what you have at home that you can use. The cutting board for the cheese is older from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the lace table linens and star candleholders were actually from our wedding. Fun fact- my mom and dad thrifted a lot of our wedding decor because I wanted a vintage theme. It was so cool to be able to use them again for this shoot!

Favorite places to pick up decorations

- Amazon
- Target
- Dollar Tree
- Bed Bath and Beyond
- Thrifted/ vintage


I don't know about you, but things don't get done in my household unless I make a list. I actually really like making lists, and it always keeps me on track with things I need to do and buy. Something about the act of writing things down etches them into my brain.

So to help you, here are some things you might need to get started with your party planning!

New Year's Party List

- Happy New Year's banner
- Foil curtain
- Various tassle banners/ hanging decorations
- Candles
- Candle holders
- Napkins
- Plastic silverware
- Plastic cups
- Serving plates
- Champagne glasses
- Swizzle sticks
- Cutting board
- Cheese knife

New Year's Eve Party at Home


So you know who you want to come to your party, and you've got your guest list ready. Next stop... inviting your guests! When getting in contact with people, I feel like the rule is-

Phone call > Email > Text

The more effort you put into your communication, the better your chances that your friends will respond!

This year we used Paperless Post. Honestly, I think we could've gotten a better response rate with phone calls or even an email, but hey. It's the holiday season and we got a little busy. Paperless Post seemed good because another friend used it for his party, and the invitations were really cute! (and free)

Also- don't forget to follow up! When people see your message a second time, they're more likely to respond. So don't be discouraged if you don't get a response the first time... just give a call or text saying "Hey, didn't know if you saw my invite, but I'd love if you came to my party!"

New Year's Eve Party at Home

Guys, I hope you have a wonderful, magical, beautiful, SAFE New Year!! I really do think this is the year to make dreams happen ðŸ’« Go out there and get it babes!!

New Year's Eve Party at Home

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