Do a 30-Day Photo Challenge for the New Year!

Do a 30-Day Photo Challenge for the New Year!

30 day photography challenge

Photo by Brown Eyed Flower Child

I've been doing photography for this blog for a long time, and learning how to communicate visually has been a real journey for me.  Obviously, this has meant taking lots and lots (and lots) of photos!  I've cycled in and out of trends and learned that trends are not just for clothes or hairstyles... there are photography trends as well!

For instance, in the early 2010s, it was all about documentation-style details. Everyone was wanted those up-close shots and bokeh backgrounds. But on Instagram, I've noticed that it's more about the wide shot, especially when highlighting travel destinations. People love to be able to picture themselves where you are, and see what you're seeing. Over time, I've adapted and adjusted my style to fit each platform.

Part of the reason I've been able to roll with the punches and not get stuck in a certain style is because I'm always challenging myself. And let's face it, when you've been doing this for a long time, it's pretty certain you might run out of ideas from time to time.

But no worries! If you've been feeling a little bit stale, I think it's a good idea to take a step back, refocus, and do a Photo Challenge!

A photo challenge is a great way to clear out the cobwebs and reset your creativity. You'll find yourself inspired again and learning new tricks. If you've been in a groove of capturing photos in a certain way, doing challenges can help you find a new perspective and up your game!

Also, if you're not used to taking lots of photos, it's a good way to commit yourself to create more on the daily and produce more content!

Birba Palm Springs
Homecoming coffee Brooklyn


So I've dreamed up this little challenge for you to get your creative juices flowing for the New Year. All you do is look at the prompt for each day and try to capture what that word or phrase means to you.

These photos don't even have to be of the specific prompt. It can be your interpretation of it. Say you want to take a self portrait... it doesn't have to include your face if you're not feeling cute that day. Maybe it's just of your hand, or your shadow. I encourage you to be creative and have fun with it!

So starting tomorrow, use these prompts to take 30 days of photos. It can be with a phone or DSLR... just as long as you create! You can copy-paste this list, or pin a photo of the list below to your Pinterest boards.

1. Self-portrait
2. Someone you love
3. Your favorite place
4. What makes you happiest
5. A beverage
4. What you wore
5. Mornings
7. Evenings
8. Nature
9. Technology
10. An accessory
11. What you ate
12. Felt cute, might delete
13. Memories in the making
14. Something funny
15. What's to my right
16. Now playing
17. What I'm procrastinating on
18. What I can't wait to do
19. In motion
20. At rest
21. Thankful
22. What inspires me
23. Made me smile
24. Beautiful view
25. Reflection
26. In my bag
27. The weather today
28. Something shiny
29. My shadow
30. Whatever you want!

Happy photo taking loves!

30 day photo challenge


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