Polka Dot Pretty Woman Dress / Style Dupe

Polka Dot Pretty Woman Dress / Style Dupe

Am I the only one who has fantasized about owning Julia Robert's polka dot dress in Pretty Woman? Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to get my hands on that dress. Oh, the casual elegance of it... that perfect shade of beige... and of course, the polka dots! Just laying eyes on that print somehow makes my day 100x happier.

polka dot dress Pretty Woman

Well, I got my wish when I was sent this super cute Pretty Woman dress dupe recently! I got to take it out for a spin right before the lockdown in NYC. But even if I can't wear it outside, it's just so pretty and perfect for my living room floor brunches.

If you've never heard of a living room floor brunch, here's what you need-

- Blanket
- Food of choice (bacon, eggs, french toast, pancakes... you get the idea ğŸ¥žğŸ¥“ğŸ¥‚)
- Champagne glasses full of mimosas or tall glasses of bloody marys.


pretty woman polka dot dress

I don't have this exact style on hand, since the clothing retailer I collabed with specializes in flash sales. Here are some similar options that I found-

Here / Here / Here / Here

Also, here is the link to my scrunchie (love this!)
And here is a similar straw bag (can't find the exact style I have)

Are you planning a brunch soon? (even if it's just in your living room?)

Pretty Woman polka dot dress dupe

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