homemade body butters

homemade body butters

recently, i've been doing something very indulgent and naughty... buying products from the store lush. i decided to try out something called buffy, an exfoliating body butter. it's $13 for one bar, which lasts about 2 weeks. unfortunately, i sort of loved it.

so i took a look at the ingredients, and decided i could make one of my own. it's mainly cocoa butter, shae butter, ground rice and almonds. i got shae butter from a beauty supply store around the corner, and shelled out for cocoa butter at whole foods.

cocoa butter & shae butter

i did my best at dividing up 1 oz each of the butters...

the shea was easy to portion, but the cocoa butter was very hard. i ended up breaking the tip of the knife that i was using to chop it with... beware! i almost had razorblade surprise butter. i'd suggest heating it slightly first...

after they were divvied, i:

~melted the butters in the microwave
~ cooled them in the fridge/ freezer so they would harden faster.
~ poured in the ground rice and almonds (which i used the magic bullet to chop with.)
~ note- if the mixture is too hot, the exfoliants will sink to the bottom, so you've got to keep a close eye on how fast it's hardening.

i used wild rice instead of regular rice :)

i then poured them into little heart molds.

...but was too impatient to wait for them to harden all the way. so i got one cracked heart, and one with a hole in it. sounds kind of like my life :P

homemade body butter

next time i'll use less shae butter in my mixture... it was a little greasier than i'd like. other than that, i love! i i've been using it in the shower on the lower half of my body (ahem, legs & butt), and on my hands. it's sort of magic.

i'll make these again fo sho.


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  1. ooh, that's cool! I bet it'd make a really cute gift as well :) I wonder if it can be dyed?

    Rose Eva

  2. They are really cool :)

  3. rose~ probably! although the shae butter was VERY yellow, and would probably affect the coloring (see the first pic.) i think there are different kinds of shae butters that are less yellow, though. i also thought about adding some scents/ essential oils, but was too cheap/ impatient to pick up an extra ingredient :P

    hannah~ thanks!

  4. Um, I'LL make these again f'sho. Wait. I mean I'll try making these for the first time, f'sho!

  5. Oh, it looks great! Good for you for making it yourself ;).

    Happy midweek!

  6. I need to try this.

  7. As a fellow Lush addict with a burning hole in my wallet thanks to said addiction - THANK YOU!!! I can't wait to give this a go :)
    Sway xxxx

  8. Love!!! I want to start doing this!!!

  9. Anonymous5/23/2012

    OH wow I've never thought about making my own. Thanks for the idea. ♥

  10. Very cool! I love Buffy too, but unfortunately I also love saving money;) Will have to give this a go as well!


  11. i love this! I just made some hand exfoliator with olive oil, sugar and lavender then i saw it in a store for $55. I will try your recipe for sure!

  12. just listened to some of your music - your voice is beautiful and the songs are like butter.=)

  13. Pure shea butter is my favorite! I don't mind the greasiness of it at first, b/c it always soaks into the skin and makes for the most silky feeling. These are so pretty. Definitely want to experiment with it more now.

  14. how fun!


  15. You are so bad ass! I love that you just went for it, you make the body butter industry sound so easy to break in to :)

  16. Anonymous5/24/2012

    This seems so neat! I've recently been into making my own face masks but never soap. I think I will have to give this a try. Is it cheaper than buy a bar of soap?

  17. wow these are so cute!! clever lady! xx

  18. Oh my gosh, this is the cutest idea! I'm TOTALLY going to try it :)


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