up to the moon ~ making the cd cover

up to the moon ~ making the cd cover

good morning!

it is special day folks, as i've been planning this post for a long time... i wanted to show you guys how i made the little hanging stars and moons for my cd cover :)

when i came up with the title "up to the moon," i knew i wanted a strong visual aspect. thinking about the concept and playing around with ideas was a lot of fun!

i thought a lot about symbolism, and how the moon can be a symbol for people's wishes and dreams. having the moon on a string gave me the feeling that all your wishes could come true if you could just have that...

anyway, here are some of the supplies i used:

uttm make

uttm make 4

yarn, paper, mod podge, and glitter.

i started thinking of what other shapes i could also utilize. moons naturally go with stars, so that was a no brainer. i also thought hearts would be appropriate, since most of the songs on the ep have to do with love/ unrequitedness. i drew some paper cutouts...

uttm make 2
uttm make 3
uttm make 6

next, i painted one side each with mod podge and glittered them. this was hard, because the glitter wouldn't stick in certain places, and some of them didn't come out perfect.

after i did this, i found out that there is such a thing as paper that is pre-glittered. it's used for scrapbooking. i wish i knew about it sooner- i would've just used that.

oh well! doesn't this look pretty?

uttm make 5
uttm make 8
uttm make 7

i then glued the two sides of each shape together, with a piece of yarn in the middle.

uttm make 10
uttm make 11

after that, i had my moons, stars, and hearts all on strings!

if only we could do this in real life...

uttm make 9

my original idea was to make them into a mobile, so i strung them all up on one. however, it wasn't photographing the way that i wanted. then i came up with the idea to just pin them against the white wall.

and that is how my cover idea evolved :) we still have them hung up in our apartment this way! they're too cute to take down.

uttm make 12



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  1. Absolutely wonderful. I wouldn't take it down either. :-)

  2. It's so pretty and represents so much- of course you shouldn't take it down! :) I love that you handcrafted every last piece of your album.

  3. These are so pretty! I love the last picture as well, makes a fun contrast to the more serious 'official' one!
    Faye x

  4. I really love it! It worked perfectly :)

  5. I think hand-made glittery paper is much more authentic than any you could have bought pre-glittered. It makes a difference. Nice :).

  6. Those are so cute! :)

  7. Awww!!!! I love that photo of you!! You look so pretty when you smile!! :D

  8. so pretty! love the behind the scenes :)

    glitter paper exists but it wouldnt have been as fun! theres charm to it!


  9. I love your record cover! It's whimsical, colorful and dreamy ;D. And the fact that you made it with your very own hands is another sign of how much heart you've put into the making of this record.

    By the way, I realized the glitter packet is in Spanish, too! :O I thought this only happened in California (and southern states, maybe).

  10. I loved seeing pictures of the process!
    Your cd cover is so beautiful & I wouldn't take these down too.

  11. thank you, everyone! i'm glad you all like the hand-crafted-ness of it. i was hoping it would be a nice little behind-the-scenes peek :P x

  12. Way too adorable for words. I love how tangible the idea is and how it adds it's own little story to your album. Cuteness.

  13. So cute! Love the CD cover SO much!! It goes perfectly with the title. Love love love!


  14. LOVE seeing the process, thanks for sharing.

  15. I want to make those for over my bed, when I do I''l share it on blog :) and of course link it back to you!


  16. just listened to the song, you have a beautiful voice, I shared it to my facebook page so hopefully lots of new people will here it!


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