Makeup review- MAC Twig and Mehr

Makeup review- MAC Twig and Mehr

I don't know why I'm embarrassed about this, but I indulged in a slight tryst with MAC makeup in my college years. I was working hard, juggling classes and doing 12-hour shifts at Applebees on the weekends. While everyone else was out socializing and making those much-needed "connections", I was slinging steaks in order to buy groceries.

Well sometimes when people work hard, they like a big reward for themselves at the end of the day. So every week, I found myself at the MAC counter, perusing the glittery powders and luxurious creams. I was very influenced by some eyeshadow-based livejournal groups at the time (ugh I know), so I had myself a little experimental eye makeup phase. I tried out reds, pinks, blues, greens... if it was bright or shiny, I liked it :)

But after about a year, I realized while I thought the girls in the livejournal groups looked cool, and I liked the look of the vibrant colors in the pots... I didn't like the way they looked on my face. I discovered that I much favored much the "beauty" look over the "I'm going to paint my entire eyelid bright turquoise" look.

I started gravitating towards retro matte lips, as well as everyday "no makeup" makeup that enhances features. And that's pretty much where I've stayed. So I got rid of all my MAC eyeshadows, bubblegum pink lipsticks, and that was that.

... But because I amassed so much makeup, I still have a lot of leftovers that I've been lugging around, even to this day. MAC has a recycling program called Back to Mac program, where if you bring in 6 empty containers, you get a free product! I was rummaging through some things recently and found a big baggie of old lipglosses that had turned bad. If you can believe it, I had enough bad lipglosses to cash in for THREE free products!!

So like so many times before, I took myself to the MAC store in Flatiron and traded that old junk in for Carbon eyeshadow, Mehr lipstick, and Twig lipstick.

MAC Carbon Eyeshadow MAC Mehr lipstick MAC Twig Lipstick

For some reason, I was really nervous when I got to the store. When the girl asked me what color lipstick I was looking for I just stammered "...Uhm... Nude... Matte..."

Through all my stuttering, she somehow helped me pick out Twig- a pinky, dark-colored neutral. I remember hearing about this color in my college days, but I was so over it. It was too boring for me then. I needed the kind of colors Barbie would wear. With big glitter chunks, called "Cockatease" and "Hott Pink Sexx Twinkie" or whatever.

But now, I think this color suits me just fine :)

MAC Twig Lipstick

It's darker than it appears in the pictures, but great for my warm, pale skintone. It's a glaze formula, so it does rub off on your coffee cup easily (I like a lipstick that sticks.) I think it's universally flattering.

I didn't realize until I got home how similar of a color Mehr is to Twig. The difference being Mehr is a little darker still, a little pinker, a little cooler. The biggest difference is the matte finish... which was what I was originally looking for, anyway.

Seeing it in my own mirror makes me realize that it's a tad darker than I wanted it to be (again, the lighting washes it out a lot.) But I still like it a lot. I was shunning pink lipsticks for awhile, but this isn't a statement pink lipstick. This is an "I want to look beautiful" pink lipstick.

As for carbon, I just got it as something every woman needs- a basic black matte eyeshadow. I try to avoid heavy eyemakeup for everyday wear, but have begun to go heavier for style shoots. I basically got this for that purpose. It can add depth to areas where you want to create a shadowy effect. It layers well, and you can use it very subtly.

Phew! What a trip down memory lane. Believe it or not, I have enough lipglosses for one more Back to MAC purchase. I wonder what I should get? xx


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  1. I love these colors on you! xo

  2. Such great colours! They look so good on you :)

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  3. I think they both look great on you. I really like the 'mehr' one! I have such a hard time picking out a lipstick, so typically I just don't wear any, but I really need to find a good class color that I like and know looks good on me!

  4. I am a firm MAC fan, and I also went through the bright colours phase you spoke of! I was all gothic and shit back then, and well, I still like to use some of those colours, but more as a compliment than the base!

    Carbon is my favourite eye shadow. It makes a GREAT liner, too! I just prime with bare canvas paint, and then wet my angle brush to apply carbon into a standard line, or more often than not a cateye. I lost the liquid liner battle years ago (SO SCARY when you accidentally hit your eye and it spreads like a oil blotch), and carbon has done the trick!


  5. I want to buy MAC liptstick, the color pink looks beautiful on you, match with you lovely eyes :D

  6. Anonymous12/13/2012

    If you want something lighter than Twig, try Blankety. It's creamy, less matte, but it's not shiny and feels so yummy on my lips. It's my go-to daily lipstick.

  7. Anonymous12/13/2012

    ps...meant to tell you, your eyes are whoa.

  8. I am so in love with you

  9. Anonymous12/13/2012

    That colour looks great on you, natural and pretty.

  10. I love MAC and that color looks so pretty!!

  11. That's so funny, I did the EXACT same thing! When I should have been saving my money for things like... food and toilet paper, I'd go to the mall and MAC eye shadows. Never really tried their lipsticks - I like the look of Mehr.

  12. Anonymous12/14/2012

    Beautiful colours! Great photos.


  13. I've never bought anything at MAC but their products look amazing. Most of their clients swear by them. Love the lipstick you got and yeah, black eye shadow is a must ;). I can't get out of the house without wearing it, hehe. It makes my eyes look awake.

    I had no idea you could trade 6 empty containers for a new product; that's awesome!

    As for your question, I think your next purchase should be green eye shadow ;). It must not sound very appealing, but trust me, you'll fall in love with it ;).


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