Life Moments ~ Rhode Island

Life Moments ~ Rhode Island


How are things? By now, I should be just starting my descent into camp craziness. It was just a few days ago that my roomie Lynnette flew into NYC. She stayed with me for a few days, and we've had such an awesome time. She even took some style pics for me, and they came out gorgeous!

Anyway... I wanted to pop in and share a few shots/ stories from when we were in Rhode Island a few weeks ago...

rhode island beaches rhode island beaches rhode island beaches

As always, it was a nice reprieve from the city. In the guest room, they have this nice bed with a down topper, and a down comforter. I never want to leave it in the mornings. I melted into it each night, and forgot all about the things that have been stressing me out in the past few weeks.

They thoughtfully took us to the beach the day before we left (favorite place ever!) For the past few years, they've been going to this really cool spot, that you can only get to by four-wheeling down a sand dune. Let me just say, if you've never been four-wheeling in the dunes before, I highly recommend it! Not only are the sights and sounds enchanting, but the truck usually bounces... a lot. It almost feels like an amusement park ride :D

It was cold out that day, so I couldn't debut my new bathing suit (a polka dot Esther Williams one-piece!) I had to pile on a few towels to keep warm. Still, it was nice to see and hear the waves... something that calms me down no matter what mood I'm in.

rhode island beaches rhode island beaches

I was unknowingly standing right next to poison ivy in this pic! Oops.
rhode island beaches

Afterwards we stopped at the Hitching Post... one of those little spots that you would never know existed if you weren't with someone local. It's known for some of the best clam fritters and New England "chowdah" around :) I remember going here when I was little.

rhode island beaches rhode island beaches

Hope you're having a wonderful week :)) xx
rhode island beaches


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  1. Lovely photos!

    I've jusy realized that you live in the future, haha. The date in your post is June 17th and it's still the 16th here. I don't even know why I wrote that.

    Anyway, all of my in-laws love riding their quads! They go to the desert pretty much every long weekend to ride the dunes, even our nieces have their own. They keep insisting that we should go, but we kind of don't want to have to drive for so long, haha.

    Best luck at camp and have a wonderful week! ;D

  2. Ah I loved Rhode Island! Looks like you had a really relaxing time there :)

  3. so pretty! looks like a nice time!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous6/17/2013

    beautiful photos! it looks so relaxing there :)

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  5. Lovely! Rhode Island is perfect in the summer, I always go to the beaches there instead of in Mass where I live.

  6. BEAUTIFUL. I wanna go there sometime<3

  7. great photos! and i totally wouldn't have known that was poison ivy either -oops!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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