Red, red, and more red!

Red, red, and more red!

Good morning, campers! Today's the big day! I'm up with the sun, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to head off to camp for the next few months. So what important thing do you think I've been doing all day yesterday? Packing? Yeah, nope. Sadly, I've been procrastinating on that bigtime. Instead, I've been browsing the gorgeous selection of red dresses at Lots of lovely frocks to choose from :)

So. Many. Cute. Dresses.....

1. I love this retro gingham print! The shape is super flattering. It's the most casual of the lot, which makes it my fave :)
2. Feminine and flirty :) I'd wear this to a summer dinner fete.
3. Sheer layers. And ladybugs (yes, ladybugs!) Nuff said.
4. Put a bird on it! This dress has an adorable bird print. I don't care what Portlandia has say about it. They can pry the birds from my cold, twee hands.
5. A nice pair of wedges to go with any of the above dresses. Maybe not so much the bird one. But some adventurous soul could totally make it work.

Talk very soon!! xoxo!!


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  1. Lovely pick and great post

  2. number two— eye yi yi! red isn't very abundant in my wardrobe but i love this collection!

  3. Red is one of my favorite colors, i like it because is very pretty and powerfull.
    nice mix


  4. That gingham dress is soo cute!

  5. i need those red wedges!

    Xo Courtney ||


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