Favorite Things About Camp

Favorite Things About Camp

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The other day I had one of those epiphany moments, in the form of a wave of gratitude. I was thinking about how lucky I am to be able change up my life, and come to such a wonderful and inspiring place. The environment is beautiful, and I'm surrounded by such talented and happy people. So I thought I'd share my five most favorite things about being at camp:

1. Nature
Being a city dweller, I'm it makes me happy to be able to spend so much time with the Earth. Sure we have parks, but it's just not the same. The camp is near a lot of farm land and open fields, so even just driving down the road on time off feels like a special experience. The best thing is walking across the field at night to get to my bunk. When I look up and see the stars in the night sky, set against the outline of the trees, I feel magical.

2. Community
Coming to camp means getting to know 100+ fellow staff members, and 400+ kids in two months time. It is overwhelming, to say the least. It's pretty inevitable that you will get close, and have intense emotional experiences with some of these people. But I've found that even the negative experiences have value. Even through the negative, you bond. So even as you're fighting over curriculum plans, having power struggles, and trying to work through the weird attractions you have to certain people, you still end up having a deep respect for them.

3. The kids
These little nuggets are the reason we're all here... but it surprised me just how close you get to some of them :) Not only that, but how close some of them get to you! To know that you are positively affecting someone else's life is like no other feeling. You are helping to create memories that they will have forever. That is so powerful.

4. Performance opportunities
Part of me loves coming here to take a break from the competitive nature of my field in a major metropolitan city. You would think that New York, being a haven of the arts, would be a really supportive city for artists, but that's really not the case. Here, everyone gets the chance to be a superstar :)

5. The schedule
This is a really weird one, since I usually enjoy a more leisurely pace of life. However, I’m also constantly stressed out trying to remember things all the time. The schedule here is rigid, but at least it’s a system. Our everyday schedules are four times as packed as anything I do at home. The downside to this is obviously that you have very little free time. But the upside is that time goes by so much more slowly. Things that happened in the morning seem like they happened a week ago. And if something bad happens to you in the morning, you usually forget it by dinnertime :P

Have a beautiful day! How's your summer going so far?? xx


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  1. you are such a genuinely nice person! i too feel that each and every one of these is of such importance, and sometimes we take them for granted, like nature :)

    1. aw, thank you! how's your summer going, yelle? x


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