What I Love About Me ~ Mollie from Wild Olive

What I Love About Me ~ Mollie from Wild Olive

What I Love About Me

This summer, I'm hosting an ongoing weekly series called "What I Love About Me," where I ask a variety of women bloggers what they love most about themselves! This was a project I started last summer, and I'm happy to bring it back.

In our culture, it can be hard for women to think and talk positively about ourselves. TV, movies, commercials, magazines, and even blogs constantly prodding us with messages about how we are supposed to look, act, and feel as women. It's easy to be susceptible to these messages, and it's not uncommon for many to find themselves on a constant quest to be "good enough" in society's eyes. On top of that, those who are confident and vocal about their good qualities are often thought of as arrogant, conceited, and sometimes others even feel the need to "take them down a notch."

With this series, I want to promote women realizing and celebrating the amazing aspects of themselves, without fear or shame. Today's amazing woman is Mollie from Wild Olive

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.37.52 PM

There are many things that I like: embroidery, cute things, books, drawing, crafts, and more. These things are reflected in my blog. There are other things I love, like my family and God. But what do I love about myself? One thing comes to mind as the best and most important thing: I love that I find my identity in Jesus.

As a blogger, okay, as an anything, it's so easy to compare yourself to others or to rely on feedback from readers or friends to define you. I know that all too often I start looking at my blog stats or how many times a post has (or hasn't!) been pinned, and it's easy to down on myself, questioning what I'm doing. But those thoughts don't hang on for too long.

If tomorrow morning I wake up and the entire Internet hates me, I am still a child of God. Nothing changes that. He makes me whole.

This one thing defines how I perceive myself more than anything else does. Does it mean that I don't need to change and improve things about myself? No. But it does give me a level of contentment as I rest who I am in Him.

xo, Mollie from Wild Olive


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  1. this series is so inspiring and encouraging as a women to embrace who we are!!

  2. this is great post and I know how you feel since it's happen to me. as long as you enjoy blogging and inspiring keep doing !

  3. i love the idea of this series! I'd love to see a spin off someday of women embracing and/or owning their flaws. I think it's so demeaning in blogging to be faced with blog after blog that showcases a perfect author who never appears to lose their temper, have a bad day or have a fight with their partner. Blogs who do talk about those things seem to be in a niche of their own, "keeping it real" blogs where it seems like those are the ONLY things they talk about. How about not painting ourselves into stereotypical corners?


  4. I cannot tell you how much I adore this series, and Mollie. I've followed her for so long and I just adore adore adore her!

    Her words in this post were so beautiful. We may not share the same faith, however we share the same concept and it's just... something I rarely think of. I don't care about popularity, however I have a very hard time with criticism. So Mollie's words truly touched me and she is SO right.

  5. lovely! the quilt is too cute

  6. interesting post with super cute photo of you....

  7. oh, this is one of my favorite posts so far. I love that finds her identity in Jesus. I struggle so much with my faith that it is hard for me to say I feel the same as her. I wish I did. I wish I was secure in it. I really appreciate her sharing this & her faith!


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