What I Love About Me ~ Emily from the Freckled Fox

What I Love About Me ~ Emily from the Freckled Fox

What I Love About Me

This summer, I'm hosting an ongoing weekly series called "What I Love About Me," where I ask a variety of women bloggers what they love most about themselves! This was a project I started last summer, and I'm happy to bring it back.

In our culture, it can be hard for women to think and talk positively about ourselves. TV, movies, commercials, magazines, and even blogs constantly prodding us with messages about how we are supposed to look, act, and feel as women. It's easy to be susceptible to these messages, and it's not uncommon for many to find themselves on a constant quest to be "good enough" in society's eyes. On top of that, those who are confident and vocal about their good qualities are often thought of as arrogant, conceited, and sometimes others even feel the need to "take them down a notch."

With this series, I want to promote women realizing and celebrating the amazing aspects of themselves, without fear or shame.

Read on about this week's amazing woman, Emily from the Freckled Fox.


Hey readers! I’m Emily from The Freckled Fox, and something I love about myself is my large set of freckles! When I was a young teenager I saw them as some sort of blemish and was kindof embarrassed by them, and even though they faded a lot in the shadows of winter, once spring came and brought the sun they came back with a vengeance!

When kids turn into teenagers and have those awkward stages, I think just about every one of us starts picking ourselves apart even here and there, and we bring out insecurities in ourselves about the silliest things! It might have taken only as much as seeing a really beautiful woman who had freckles, or having someone I really respected and cared about saying they were cute or something, but I started realizing that freckles are no more blemishes than is having blue eyes or ivory skin, and that they really made me, me!

Today I’m happy when the sunshine comes around and brings out more freckles on my skin, because I really love and appreciate them like I do my wide eyes or my long hair as a unique and personal trait of the one and only Me.

xo, Emily



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  1. Awwww, I love them too!

  2. her freckles are so pretty! and i love the idea of this series - so positive and beautiful :).

  3. Beautiful :)



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