Life Moments ~ Williamsburg

Life Moments ~ Williamsburg

Some of the last few images I captured before going off to camp. I took a leisurely stroll around Williamsburg and documented some neat stuff. I think my favorite picture in this batch is that huge pile of old phones! I was browsing through a junk shop at the time, and I couldn't believe how cool it looked.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg, Brooklyn

By the way, I borrowed Matt's (much fancier) camera to take these photos. It was such a different experience! I'm not used to taking photos with full-fram capabilities though. I like the crispness that the images produce, but I miss the extreme bokeh effect I get with my T2i. You're taking in so much more of the scene. Still. I can't really complain too much. I guess I could just crop more. Or take a few steps forward when I want to take a picture :)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg, Brooklyn Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Have a beautiful day! x


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  1. There's something about a phone with a cord that reminds me of my childhood :) lovely photos!
    Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  2. I love the discarded phone pic .. doesn't seem so long ago that those phones were in use.


  3. These are some great photos xx

  4. Awesome photos! I love collections of things. (This must be why my house is always a mess).

  5. Those buckets of paint make me want to get my craft on! What great snap shots! What kind of camera did you use? You did a great job! I get what you mean, though. Using a new camera always makes me feel weird, even if the pictures turn out wonderfully.

  6. love the photos! so much colour, yeah!

  7. those pics are awesome, hope you're having a great time in the camp!

  8. awesome photos! I want to go to Williamsburg now now now, even though its a trillion degrees out! I'm about to invest in a new camera, and i'm worried about making the switch! but I think you operated this one like a pro!

    stop by sometime <3

    Xo Courtney ||

  9. Brooklyn seems like such an amazing, creative place to live!


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