Baltimore show

Baltimore show

Baltimore 2Baltimore 2Baltimore

We have to go back in time a bit in order to remember this moment. I played a show in Maryland back in August... yes, these pictures are from August! I just hadn't gotten around to making a post about it.

Anyway, I'm always saying how I want to play more shows, so I actually booked one a few months back at the Pure Wine Cafe in Baltimore. It was a lovely time. I was lucky enough to see my awesome friend Jessica, who kindly let me stay at her apartment (see above photos!), and ran my merch stand for me! Whatta gal.

Baltimore Baltimore Baltimore

I played in-the-round-style with another wonderful singer/songwriter, Teporah... who it turns out, we used to chat with each other about music all the way back in the age of Myspace! We thought it was really cool that we already "knew" each other, and had a great time playing together. But wait, the synchronicity doesn't end there...


I also got to meet another blogger who I've been friendly with since I started ChantillySongs... Mary from Uncustomary! She saw me tweet about the show, and came out! I was so excited to meet her, and she is a super sweetheart.


It was really a whirlwind... I ended up having to wake up at 6am the following morning in order to make it all the way up to Maine in the exact same day. The show was lovely, but that day... that was not my favorite day :P More on Maine later...

Anyway... yayyy!!


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  1. Oh, that sofa! I am in love!

    Looking forward to more on Maine!


  2. Yay, it was so great to meet you! :)

    1. was great to meet you too, girl!! x

  3. Can I rent your couch? It looks so cozy!


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