Fall Shoes and Boots!

Fall Shoes and Boots!

I’m so happy the fall is coming. It is absolutely my favorite season! Summer has been lingering here in the city, so it’s still a bit hot outside. As much as I love warm weather, I don’t like when seasons extend past their expiration. I can’t wait for the coolness to descend, making it just nippy enough to slip on a pair of boots, tights, and a jacket for a nice night out.

In preparation for the brisk temperatures, I've been perusing the selections of Reef boots, and have been getting excited about new fall footwear options! So many of their offerings are exactly what I want in my shoe wardrobe this fall...


1. Like these little ankle booties! I’m really in love with this style, and have been wanting to collect more items like this. The black leather with studs on the heels are really my cup of tea… not too flashy, but gives a bit of edge. Also- the heel height! This city girl loves this 1” heel height, which is perfect for city walkin’!

2. These beauties, the Reef Santa Marta are also one of my favorites. I love anything with a southwestern flair right now, and I’d just die to wear these with a cute a-line denim skirt. Perhaps with a button-down shirt tied at the waist :P Would that be too much?

3. These flats are so cute! I love the woven leather in contrasting colors. For me, these would be perfect for the September and October monthsl. Since it’s been such a warm fall so far, and these would be amazing to throw on with a pair of jeans and a casual shirt. Plus they have that bit of pretty golden sparkle! I like :)

4. I’m a rabid, die-hard moccasin fan, so this pair would suit me really well. The muted color is something I think my wardrobe could really benefit from… I’m usually all about the brights! They look super comfy.

5. This really cute little boat shoe, Reef Raindance, has a lot going for it! I love the blue color, and the sweet style of this shoe. They remind me of the type of sneakers I’d wear when I was a kid, and brings me back to that playful style.

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  1. These are all so cute - #1 is by far my favorite, I'm searching for the perfect pair of ankle boots as well.

  2. I am in love with #2! I saw a pair at Forever 21, but I couldn't find my size. So I'm still on a search.

    I'm so excited for fall so I can wear my boots.


  3. I LOVE #5! Utah's getting quite Autumn-y. We've been having furious winds, lots of rain (love love love), chilly nights and later in the month we'll have almost 50○ weather, eeee. Autumn is my FAVORITE season.

  4. these are all really cute! thanks for sharing!



  5. Anonymous9/23/2013

    love the first pair!! drool ... :-)



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