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Like I mentioned last week, I am sooo in love with the idea of having a collection of hats lately! So the other day I picked up this cute little porkpie. Of course the instant I put it on, I was reminded of the almighty Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. How did you guys like that season finale, huh?? I won't spoil it for any who didn't see it yet, but... yeah. Breaking Bad makes my feel all the feels.

20130927-IMG_3477 20130927-IMG_3478

This purse is really special, because my parents used to have a used/ vintage furniture store. They still go to auctions from time to time, trying to pick up sweet deals. On one trip they saw this purse and thought I'd like it, and snagged it for me :) They're always giving me little things they pick at their yard sales, thrift store trips, and auctions. It's pretty cool.

Anyway, I like the way the vintage-ey purse jives with the modern black-and-white combo that I'm wearing. What do you think?

20130927-IMG_3508 20130927-IMG_3476
hat and shirt- forever21/ shorts- urban outfitters/ tights- target/ shoes- vintage

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  1. Anonymous9/30/2013

    Cute outfit! I haven't really gotten into Breaking Bad yet but I want to start watching it, I heard it's such a good show!


    1. It's awesome! Not my absolute favorite, but it's pretty darned good :)

  2. YES! This outfit is so perfect! I absolutely love tights paired with shorts, especially if they are adding a splash of color to the whole outfit! You are seriously too cute Chantilly!

  3. Love the outfit! I don't watch BB, because I can't handle the violence, haha.

    1. Yeah, when I first got into it, I binge-watched the first two seasons in a few days.. I felt like I was on drugs. I find I can handle the drugs & violence if they come in small, weekly doses :)

  4. I love the outfit! I've never actually watched Breaking Bad, but I got the reference, because everyone around me has been talking about it constantly for weeks!

    xoxo Jackie

    1. Yeah, everyone's obsessed with it all of a sudden :)

  5. Love that hat! You should definitely start a collection- they look great on you!

    Ladyface Blog

    1. Thanks Becca! I do plan to start a collection. xx!

  6. Love this look so much and I've been wanting to add some more hats to my collection. I need some better "everyday" hats like this one. Um, could your post title be any better?? Love it. I felt totally satisfied with the finale, and that was the first time in awhile that I've been happy with the way a show wrapped up. Going to miss it for sure!

  7. Hi, Chantilly! I love hats, too, but for some reason don't wear them as often as I could or should.

    It's cool to come visit your blog after such a long time; I took an unexpected blog hiatus.

    Please, let me know if you end up coming to west coast, I'd SO love to see you! ;D

  8. That purse reminds me of Mary Poppins and her carpet bag. I've heard so much about Breaking Bad but never seen it. Might have to start watching it on Netflix.


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