New/ old friends

New/ old friends

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One of the first things I did when I came back to the city was hit up my friend James for a brunch and a chat. He was literally the first friend I made in college... and can you believe we're still in touch?!

James is one of those friends that I would run into sporadically, while in my own swirl of life... bumping into him here and there. Must've been the Universe telling me that we needed to be better friends :) So we had this nice brunch at this delicious spot (he always knows the best places), and a walk through a nearby park. Wonderful way to spend a day!

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Hope your day is fantastic so far!! xxo


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  1. Your day out looks like it was incredible! I am so excited for summer to reach New Zealand so I can go on park and brunch dates. Bring on the warm weather! :)

    Lost in the Haze

    1. see, it's reversing for us here... the weather will be getting colder soon, so limited park/ brunch! i'm thinking about a fall picnic in the park though :) thanks for the comment, jo!! xoxo

  2. Here's too good old friends! I only have a handful of really close friends and didn't use to see them all that often when I lived in Buenos Aires, but every time I did it was as if time hadn't passed by at all.

    Hey, I'm following you on Instagram now that I have an account, too ;). I wish you posted photos more often :p.


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