Dressing for fall

Dressing for fall

Oasap sweater Oasap sweater
photos by deserie w.

Happy Halloween! Any plans for tonight???

Like I talked about earlier in the week, I was lucky enough to escape to Rhode Island this weekend. My very gracious mom took these snaps of me while I was up there. Oh who am I kidding... we laughed our heads off and had a blast, as we often do :)

But I don't lie when I say that my heart was bursting as we were out and about amongst the gorgeous autumn leaves. I can't even believe how idyllic these pictures look.

Oasap sweater Oasap sweater

I received this awesome cardigan other day from Oasap, and haven't been able to take it off since. It is sooo cozy, and my favorite color!! It's a little thin for fall, but I have other layering cardis to pair it with.

Also, my parents gave me a bucket full of vintage bow ties to take home with me. I thought at first that they'd be perfect for Matt... but then it occured to me that I wanted them! I guess we can share. I threw this cute brown one on, just to try it out. Survey says... yes!

Oh- and this lovely silk shirt is a super proud thrift score... $3!!

Other than that, all weekend I've been listening to new mixes and arrangements of my songs for the new EP!!! It's hard to know how much to talk about it here. Part of me wants it to be a complete surprise, yet the other part is dying to share all the details. Ha, what I really want to do is post the mixes up, so that everyone can listen to them!! I am really, really psyched. My songs are better, plus I'm in love with Saul's arrangements, and his overall magic touch. It's really such a privilege to witness the bones of your ideas build up into something real and wonderful.

Also, I don't really have a plan yet. I don't know how I'm going to release it, or raise funds for it. I think about all that stuff, and even though it's exciting, it's just so hard to do on your own.

Well, one way or another it will get done. It always does :)

Oasap sweater


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  1. Such a cute outfit and your headband is adorable! Happy Fall!

    xo Jessa

  2. You are so pretty! Love the bow tie and hippie headband, such a fresh & unique combo :D

    <3 Megan

    1. ha, yeah, i wasn't sure if it would work. they were just what i had on hand :)

  3. your photos look so great!!!!

  4. The bowtie really makes it. So cute!

  5. Beautiful photos! Happy Halloween!

  6. You are stunning and you look so happy...beautiful photos!

  7. That is such a cute headband, love it!

  8. ugh this look is soooo fun and cozy! <3

  9. I've been in such a creative mood lately all hyped up about finishing My books, sketching the cover, and all this wonderful stuff. So, basically I just can't waiiiittt to hear Yours!
    Good luck!!! :*

    Loads of love, SJay

  10. beautiful beautiful beautiful. i, myself, never wear jeans. however, i will be on monday's fashion post. have to break my dress obsession!

    p.s. love the bow tie and oxfords!


  11. Anonymous11/02/2013

    I love it Chantilly! I was looking at men's bowties to other day, and thinking "hmmm." Now you've gone and inspired me to buy some.

  12. Oh my goodness how adorable you are! Bow ties are so cute on women (I mean they are on men too, but are more playful when we wear them haha)

    Tiffany Ima
    Style Honestly

  13. Wish I could pull off something similar! Love the color of that sweater too. -Jessica L


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