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Mustard and Red Stripes


I've been avoiding this shirt.

You know how some clothes can start to have negative associations with them when something negative happens while you're wearing it? Well, I wore this to a Lulu's fashion week party once a few years ago. I was in the middle of a sentence, when another blogger who I didn't know helpfully pointed out that there was cat hair on it. It was like-

Me: "So I think the thing I love most about Lulu's is..."
Blogger: (points) "... You have cat hair on your shirt..."

Maybe she was just trying to be helpful. But it felt really awkward, and made me self-conscious. So I packed the shirt away and never thought about it again, until I pulled it out to wear with this outfit.

Choies Choies

But on this (mostly) cat hair free day, I got to wear it with these stunning shoes that I somehow found at Buffalo Exchange. I mean... mustard suede oxfords. Life just can't go wrong when you're wearing these, folks. Cat hair or no.

Also of note- I've totally been living in this jacket! It's so perfect for this fussy cold/ not cold weather we've been having.

Choies jacket- c/o choies/ shirt- thrifted/ shorts- urban outfitters/ tights- forever 21/ shoes- buffalo exchange/ hat- thrifted


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  1. Those shoes are incredible- I love when I leave the thrift store or Buffalo and just can't believe I found something so amazing like that :) This whole look is awesome and I would be more surprised if there was an outfit I DIDN'T have cat hair on...

    1. haha, right you are about the cat hair :P i don't think i'll ever be truly free of it.

  2. I love those shoes!!!! I'm loving the oxford fashion so much, I got leather aldo ones last year and wore them down ._.'! I just saw another pair today kinda light gray-purple color.
    But those!!! They are beyond anything! ^^ good catch, friend!!!
    Loads of love, SJay!

    1. i looooove oxfords. but i can't ever find any! not the kind i like anyway, which are mens-style ones. and when i do, i feel like they're always really cheaply made. i do love these though. they were such a lucky find.

  3. Love the unique spin on classics pieces. That beret is so pretty and tights with shorts is a favorite I'd forgotten :)

    1. heart tights with shorts forevs.

  4. Oh man, the cat hair comment!! That would've thrown me too. I'm glad the shirt has come out of storage now :D Cute shoes too!

  5. Definitely loving the pop of mustard! And I'm always a fan of stripes :)
    xo TJ

  6. I love those shoes! So cute :)



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