Brunch :)

Brunch :)

brunch brunch brunch brunch brunch

Had a lovely little impromptu brunch with my friend Damon last week. He asked me if I would take some head shots of him for his resume, and i was happy to oblige. I was treated to eggs and coffee afterwards. Damon's a wonderful friend, and has given me lots of great advice about the music industry in the past few years (he does A&R for a label.)

Anyway, the place we hit up was called Urban Rustic, and it lived up to its name! Decked out in rich wood everywhere, fresh flowers at every table, AND free wifi. Who could ask for anything more? :)

I miss posts like this... just snaps of the everyday stuff I do & hanging out with friends. I'll make an effort to do more of them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, lovely loves!!


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  1. What a lovely little spot! Brunch sounds so nice right now.

    Have a great holiday! :)


  2. This restaurant looks lovely! And I'm glad you'll be doing more posts like this :) I love this kind of post


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  4. I like this style of post, too! This place looks so cozy :)

    <3 Megan

  5. great photos so interesting to see what is going on around you..xo tali

  6. This seems like such a nice place, Chantilly :D I love the shots

  7. Aww man, this looks so good! I miss going out for breakfast!

  8. I love going out for Brunch. I hear Brooklyn is a great place to visit in NY. Have you ever been to London? You'd love the East End - it's got some great live music venues.

    Glad I found your blog!
    Hannah (Chad does London on bloglovin)

  9. Brunch is the best. This all looks so delicious and I hope you had a lovely thanksgiving holiday!

  10. I spy Sriracha, yum! :p

    And yes, time spent with good friends is the best!


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