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Chambray and Pink!

Tulle Coat Tulle Coat

I've been looking for a nice, sturdy chambray shirt. A good one's kinda hard to find... much like a good man :P It just seems like one of those wardrobe staples that everyone needs, and I've seen them everywhere recently. I'm not normally such a trend-hunter, but suddenly, I found myself feeling very lacking in the chambray department! The horror!!

Well and lo and behold, I was browsing on the lovely site Brag Vintage, and found one that seemed just right. This particular shirt is Diesel, and it was a super great price, too. I'm happy to have finally found my chambray soul-match, and am looking forward to using it as a layering piece, and creating many (many) Canadian tuxedos with it.

Tulle Coat

Like I said, I'm never the first one to hop on the new-trends-train. So imagine my surprise and (horror!!) to find out that pink coats are "a thing" this season. Like an official fashion thing. I picked this one up recently at a Tulle sale to the tune of of $22 (hot damn!!) I just thought it looked classy, and happened to be a color I wouldn't normally wear. I'm trying to embrace more pink in my life lately... I used to fear that it made me appear way too girly.

For once, I am actually on-trend, and I don't know how I feel about it. I've gotten so many compliments on it, already though. Just hope I'm not a fashion victim six months down the line.

Tulle Coat Tulle Coat
Denim shirt- Brag Vintage/ Skirt- F21/ Cardi- Strawberry/ Tights- We Love Colors/ Coat- Tulle/ Hat- thrifted/ Loafers- Urban Jungle


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  1. You look so lovely :) This look definitely suits you!


  2. cute outfit! love chambray ;)

  3. You really know how to put an outfit together! You look so cute in those colors. =)

  4. Seriously loving your jacket!!

  5. I love this whole outfit! The pink coat, the cardigan, the skirt, the hat! So cute!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. This is so so cute! I like the pink coat and the floral hem. And congratulations on the Official Fashion Thing, haha :P

  7. I love the outfit! I'm the same way with pink... but that coat is pretty nice!!

  8. Anonymous11/26/2013

    Love your coat and the skirt!

  9. Hello I am already following your blog!
    You are beautiful.
    I really like the pattern of your skirt.

  10. These colors are so fresh and girly, love it :) Especially the rose pattern with the pink coat, so cute!

    <3 Megan

  11. The coat is adorable! I have been noticing a LOT of pink coats lately..... totally looks great on you though. :)

  12. Yeah, i think a pink coat like this looks more classic than trendy, which is always a good thing! Kudos to you for finding a great chambray shirt. Good ones really are so hard o find.


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