Coffee Talk ~ New EP!!

Coffee Talk ~ New EP!!


This post went up yesterday, but I actually meant for it to be scheduled for today... so sorry for the double-post!! xo

Happy day everyone!!

Have you all been staying cozy out there? The weather is turning cold here on the east coast... I've been bundling up in lots of layers, as well as nurturing a new fondness for huge sweaters and gigantic (GIGANTIC) scarves. I've also been doing lots of thinking about my budding baby project, and have got EP-makin' on the brain!

Saul and I have been doing a lot of communicating... he sends me new mixes, arrangements, and ideas as frequently as I can give him feedback about them. We have this Google doc that we continually populate with new information and thoughts about the way things are sounding. It's an exciting time, and I'm really happy about everything so far!!

But... I need to get something off of my chest- embarking on a collaborative creative endeavor with someone on an opposite coast is tricky... he is in LA. I am in New York. It feels a little clunky. He has a huge amount of control over things, and that's nerve-wracking for a nutball like me.

I keep thinking of handing over the keys to your intimate space to some rowdy, randy teenager... who's to say they won't have a massive party the second your back is turned and trash the place?? ... Now of course, I know he is doing right by the songs. He won't really throw an epic kegger, spill beer all over the drapes, and puke on all the carpets. But still... imagine putting something reallly important to you completely in someone else's hands.

So the control thing is an issue. But the main thing is this- I'm not able to be present to shape the arrangements and overall feel of the songs. This makes me feel like I'm really just a superfluous part of the process... of my EP. He gets to do all the creative fun stuff, and I just sit back and sip my diet coke. Or coffee. Whatever.

I've been doing lots of thinking about all this... and I realize that with everything that makes you uncomfortable, there's always a lesson.

I've always been a person who feels she has to do everything on her own. But really... that belief is just so limiting. I'm coming to realize that it is in fact, okay to receive help. Especially when I can't do something myself. I can't play drums. Or bass, or banjo, or harmonium. I don't know how to properly EQ vocals, and I couldn't tell you what proper mic placement for an acoustic guitar. But I got someone who knows how to do all those things! And he's doing them all for me! That's pretty cool.

In this instance, letting go of control of some creative content is the lesson to learn. I don't have to feel guilty that I'm not doing what I "should" be. That I'm not a *real artist* if I don't have a hand in every single step of the process. It's just the way things are for this. And honestly... it's the way that a lot of recordings are made.

In the end, they're my songs. It's my name on it. And I'm the one taking the risk.

Plus, I can't complain about the results... they're stunning :)

Anyway, I don't know how much of this story you guys are going to relate to. I know most of you aren't out there making albums and recordings... and I really only meant to make this an update about the way things are going, not a soul-journey into the abyss of my fears. But... maybe some of you can understand/ or have your own epiphanies to share. Learn any good life lessons lately? xxo

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  1. This is a lesson I have to keep learning time & time again - not with making an album (though that would be very cool), but with general life things. Giving up some control is hard - I imagine even harder in your case! So excited for you lady - and cannot wait to hear the end result!!! xo Marisa

  2. I've always had this slight control freak issue. When it came to university projects, work teams, anything. Not that I'm mean but I always hate to lose control I always love to see every single angle of the task in front of Me. I think this thing is wrong in so many ways.
    Like when You see that the other people are quite dependable and many are actually very gifted at a certain something, You realize... Just trust Their instinct! Just like You would want Them to trust Yours!
    So... if the guy's that talented and He's helping You out :) take it with a broad smile!! ^^ We don't get to do that "sit back and sip Your diet coke" thing a lot in life.
    Savor the moments that You do!

  3. As you know, I'm not a singer or artist, so I don't really know what this process feels like. I think I can relate to some extent, though, because I'm really bad at working in a group (don't tell my boss, though, haha). I always want to be in charge of everything because I know nobody will research or care about whatever it is we're doing as much as I do. Or if someone very dominant decides to take the lead, I feel terribly frustrated and surrender.

    Anyway, I'm glad you've been able to make peace with yourself ;).

  4. I don't blame you for feeling that way about the whole control thing. If it were my project, I would be getting a bit nervous as well. I'm excited for your new music though, I'm sure it will be fantastic!


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