Life Moments

Life Moments

chantilly chantilly chantilly chantilly chantilly chantilly

1. Thai iced tea perfection
2. A cool restaurant!
3. Beautiful fall leaves...
4. Most recent Noise Collective event
5. Some cool graffiti spotted in Manhattan
6. Love me some rugelach!

Despite some of the emotional blips that I mentioned in the last post, this week has been pretty great. I've been wearing literally the coziest sweater I've ever owned for a week straight (I tend to do this with new clothes I really adore :P) I finally found the perfect cozy/ giant scarf I've been dreaming of at Forever 21 of all places (there will be a post!!) And the audio for the EP is almost done (woah! scary and exciting!!)

Also, I also saw my very first Broadway show last weekend! Matt's mother came down to the City, and we went to go see Chicago. I've seen the movie before, but seeing the show in person was unreal ... and all that jazz!! :D

How has your week been?? xx


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  1. nice post! those leaves are beautiful! have a great weekend!

  2. Glad you are having a good week!! I love your photography style so much and your pictures always make me happy :) Have a good weekend!

  3. :D The graffiti so adorable!! I love the shots of all the photos!
    My weekend has been disastrous! I am in over My head with work and studying... And My laptop died on My last night :( *panic attack coming up*

  4. Love these photos! So glad to have found your sweet blog!

  5. Great life moments list and photos! I can't believe you'd never been to a Broadway show, though!

  6. aw I love these photos! that thai tea looks so great. Hope your EP is going well, so exciting!!

  7. Awe, wonderful pictures! Those leaves look so pretty and the iced tea, super yummy!

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend ;).

  8. I'd say that Thai Iced Tea is the perfect drink .. Starbucks be dammed .. lol.


  9. Thank you for visiting my blog:) You take some really lovely pictures! Looking forward to seeing more.


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