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Little Addictions...

Hello friends! Here's something you don't see every day... a picture of all the unused notebooks and journals that I currently have.


I seem to be addicted to stockpiling cute journals! It's a habit, at this point. Whenever I see one I like (especially on sale!) I grab it. I just hate that in-between time when you've finished one, and it takes awhile to find another. I like to have it on the ready :)

I remember the very first journal I ever got... well, really it was a diary :) It was a birthday present when I was eight. The cover had a picture of a little girl- she was looking out a windowsill, daydreaming. There was gold detailing in some places, and also on the ends of all the pages (like some bibles.) The pages were perfumed, and attached was a satin bookmark to keep my place. Lastly, there was a little lock for privacy, with a key that I still remember holding in my hand.

I remember how special and mature it made me feel... a place that I could write anything at all, and no one else was allowed to see. How liberating! Even at that young age, it got me to love writing and self-exploration. I've had many journals since then, and I've saved every one :)

Even as we put so much of ourselves online for the world to see nowadays... it's still nice to have some secrets.



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  1. That's just like me! I have a whole drawer filled with unused notebooks just cause I can't resist buying a cute one :)

  2. I love notebooks and journals! I was just checking Mine and realized I had one in each bag I have so that I don't need to switch, hehe never thought of it this way but oh well...
    I think it's much more inspiring to write down with a pen and on a cute bright journal than to do so on a smart phone or a tab.
    Love them all! So girly :D

    Loads of love, SJay

  3. Nice!!

    xx Mounia

  4. I love all of them! I personally keep a written journal, because I agree that it's nice to have a few secrets :)

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

  5. These journals are so cute!! I don't keep a journal, but I use them to write down notes and any ideas for my novel that come my way! I have way too many notebooks!
    Sincerely, Sara

  6. Haha, I have a stockpile of empty ones, too! These are really cute. :-)

  7. great post!! secrets are the most fun a girl can have with her clothes on … who said that? anyway, it's so true!


  8. I'm guilty of this to some extent too, though recently I'm trying to actively use all of the notebooks--I love writing in a cute notebook!


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