Best Makeup Products ~ Eyes and Skin

Best Makeup Products ~ Eyes and Skin

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I haven’t done a makeup-related post in awhile, and have been gathering quite a few new products in these past few months. My beauty routine is an ever-changing thing, and I'm always switching it up according to my mood, new styles, and new finds. So I thought I’d let everyone know what products are currently making me swoon.

To preface all this, I’ve got to say that I’ve become quite the snob this year, turning my nose up at a great many drugstore products. I find I get more excited over using things that make me feel more “expensive.” ☺ And I now carefully curate just a few things that I really want, rather than binge-buying tons of cheaper items.

Until this year, I hadn’t worn foundation since high school. All I could picture was the orange, cakey mess that would usually happen when I tried to apply it then.

And well, to tell you the truth, I'm still really not much of a fan. It's BB cream all the way for me... and the real Korean stuff, not the American versions. They’re lighter, and better for your skin than even a tinted moisturizer. I like Skinfood and Etude House. Just a few dabs even out my skin and don’t make me feel like I’m wearing gobs of makeup ☺ And the packaging is usually so cute!!

As far as moisturizer, I was just using Trader Joes coconut oil for awhile! It was smooth sailing until that jar broke. I picked up another brand, and promptly got three HUGE zits that have been taking me months to get rid of... Such sad. So horror. WOW. ...So recently, I've just been taking it easy, and using Lush's Vanishing Cream.

This is also the year that I've been wearing a lot more sunscreen. Like, constantly. I always found most sunscreens to make my face look shiny and plastic-y, but Neutrogena dry touch has been a godsend for me.

This seems to be a year of firsts, I guess. Because this is the first year that I’ve paid any real attention to eyeliner… ever. I always associated it with the girls in school who favored the “raccoon” look (accompanied by the cakey orange foundation, of course.)

But recently, I’ve discovered that I do like the look of a heavy eye… I just use dark brown rather than black. Even though black is standard, I still feel like it can look a little harsh on me. My favorite liner right now is Makeup Forever’s aqua liner in matte brown. It stays put, and the color is perfect. I also use Sephora’s waterproof liquid liner on my top lid (matte brown.)

I still don't tend to wear a ton of eyeshadow... Usually it's just a MAC paint, along with a Besame highlighter shadow I've been using for years. I’ve been paying more attention to my brows lately though, filling them in a dark brown matte eyeshadow to help shape them, and keeping them in place with a clear masacara.

I top it all off with Covergirl's lashblast mascara, or a natural looking pair of false eyelashes. And that's it!

Part two (cheeks & lips) will be next week!! xxo

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  1. Gorgeous look!
    I also hate foundation, haha. I think a Korean shade would suit me as well, as I am super pale.
    Thanks for the tips!


  2. Coconut oil is my favorite moisturizer! It's a bummer it made you break out :(!

    Crumbs & Curls

  3. I freaking love Korean BB Creams. I have the Mizon snail bb cream and it's worked wonders clearing my skin!


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